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Adventures with Dr Evilsevier - February 16, 2012
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First an update: Spiked Math is now partnering with the Physics Forums! As a result, each new comic will also be posted in their Science Comics thread (which also features PhD Comics and Calamities of Nature). Feel free to check it out:

Also, check out yesterday's comic to see how the publishing system works in academia as today's comic pokes fun at one of the big guys. For more information and criticisms regarding commercial publishers and information on the current Elsevier boycott, check out the following:

I did two versions for today's comic, not sure which one is "better" so I posted both, enjoy!

Spiked Math Comic - Adventures with Dr Evilsevier

And the second version:

Spiked Math Comic - Adventures with Dr Evilsevier


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>The companies give search engine crawlers access to full articles

This raises an obvious question: How do I configure Firefox so it looks like a google crawler bot?

perhaps modify your user agent?

So, a few years back, Elsevier picked me up to work tech support. They fired me 2.5 days later without ever giving me a computer to work on. They told me "I would never make it in the workplace." Their loss is my gain.

Given your story, I have two thoughts:
1) non-disclosure agreement,
2) work-product ownership.

Thus ACTA was born?

Just pull it from the crawler's archive...

My fellow librarians keep looking at me oddly when I say something about Evilsevier, but it's totally worth it. This is pure brilliance!

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