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Alphabet Blocks - January 12, 2012
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Spiked Math Comic - Alphabet Blocks

If I ever have a kid, the first thing I'll do is teach them the Logic Alphabet Song.

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Actually, it's only semidecidable, but it's something.

I'd like to buy the blocks. Are you selling them?

I can only agree to Daniel -- do you sell them? Or know someone who sells them?

Me too! I WANT

As far as I know, they don't exist yet. I contacted ThinkGeek to see if this is something that interests them. If not, maybe we can start a kickstarter to raise enough funds for a custom bulk order.

I support this idea

I am totally interested in this!

I would buy a set for these in a second for my nephew.

I'd buy a set of theses in a second for my nephew.

Hey if you don't want Mochi ads on the math games i've created download the ones from
or i have a page like that on topfivegames.com too that has let it rain with out ads.

Thanks Michael, I'll look into that :-)
I was definitely aware of your site, but didn't realize before that you also provide game downloads for other websites to use!

The emphasis is on the wrong word there: you mean to say "I meant the English alphabet!"

Wff-n-Proof had blocks (well, dice) with English letters that were also logic elements.

Would have been better if read, "Woodin's first ..."

Was thinking the same thing - these blocks should be accompanied by an optional "Wooden Cardinal": http://www.etsy.com/listing/76032491/wooden-cardinal

This gives business opportunities: later you can sell the second order expansion set.

Surely the latin alphabet?

Shouldn't that set of blocks be atleast infinite?

But the infinite alphabet block set is a bit costly.

Pff, just go to Hilbert's Hotel: There's one complete set in each room ;)

And they take so long to deliver it at so many blocks per shipment.

You mean there's a song about mathematics which I don't know yet?

Those blocks are perfect for the kid. Look at the structure he built. :)

Want blocks for daughter! Did anyone else Google "Logic Alphabet Song" to see if one exists?

You know, you might try pitching that idea to ThinkGeek.com. They solicit for product ideas.

Done - will let you know what they say, good or bad.

just print them with a reprap, like a real nerd!

Expanding the set to second order won't help: it will inevitably be incomplete.

∀ and Ǝ already exist in block form. You just take normal alphabet blocks and rotate as needed.

I would like to take the moment on my first comment to say that I would have a baby if there was the block set to given him\her.

I would have a baby if it could have at least 5 native languages and one of those cute kid-sized flight suits they sell at Kennedy Space Center. Maybe we can form a community of people who would have such single-purpose babies, and raise a single child all together, which would speak five languages, have logic blocks, a flight suit, whatever other things people wish they had a baby for, and probably a few thousand embarrassing names (because most people who don't have any intention of having kids still think about the names they'd like for them) several hundred of which would be Erdős (because I'm mentioning the idea here first, and who here would throw away the possibility of decreasing their Erdős number?)

Then, instead of many different people having many different babies for the wrong reasons, we'd just have one baby for all the wrong reasons! It's much more efficient.

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