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Banach-Tarskitron - January 10, 2012
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Spiked Math Comic - Banach-Tarskitron

Thanks to reddit user pryomancer for letting me turn his original comment into comic form for you all!
The idea came from a link to Savage Chickens transformer comic.

Some other Banach-Tarski comics: Which ones am I missing?

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Sorta funny, but not so much :)
Just to add to the comic

Yup, doesn't have much impact. But still good.

nice one! :D

or just

nice one! :D nice one! :D

A few transformer comics, like: http://spikedmath.com/009.html But not other Banach-Tarski comics I can recall.

Chris might have a couple more from (x,why?)...

I don't understand howw this is possible.. can someone explain? (Thanks in advance for not being an a hole about it)

@charm Simmons: The Banach-Tarski paradox explains how to disassemble a solid sphere into a finite number of congruent parts, then reassemble those same parts into two solid spheres of the same size as the original. The congruent parts are, of course, terribly dysfunctional; they are essentially fractal "cantor dust". So nobody could ever carry it out in practice. Nevertheless, it's a real result, and if you don't care for it you have to give up on some other part of math to make it no longer provable. Usually they give up the Axiom of Choice.

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