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Who said it? - January 6, 2012
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Welcome back Mike. Why thank you Mike. No problemo Mike.

Let's start the new year off with something trivial (not very mathy but geeky)!
Perhaps I'll make up a super difficult one later on.

Spiked Math Comic - Who said it?

  • pi points for correctly identifying the character who said the quote.
  • e points for correctly identifying the movie/tv show where the quote was said.
  • 0 points for incorrect answers.
  • i points for correcting any of my mistakes.
Highest possible points: 10(pi+e)

Your score:
10(pi+e) points: Impressive! (No, not really, this was the Kindergarten version after all).
10pi+9e points: Above Average.
9pi+10e points: Below Average.
10pi points: I highly doubt you got this score.
pi+e points: You deserve a pie!
otherwise: C+.

Solutions here.

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How about a nice game of chess?

Got only six of them :(. I'm not as geeky as I hoped.

1. Whopper (from WarGames)
2. Milton
3. HAL
4. Kevin Flynn
5. Yoda
6. Comic Book Guy
7. Doc Brown
8. Dade Murphy
9. professor farnsworth
10. Sheldon

isnt #4 actually Clu?

Kicking myself on 5, 8, and 9.

  1. Joshua (Wargames)
  2. Milton (Office Space)
  3. HAL (2001: A Space Odyssey)
  4. Flynn (Tron)
  5. B
  6. Comic Book Guy (Simpsons)
  7. Doc Brown (Back to the Future II)
  8. B
  9. B
  10. Sheldon Cooper (The Big Bang Theory)

6*pi + 7*e = C+

0 points. Well, I suppose I can live with a C+.

Pretty sure #4 is actually Clu, not Flynn. Therefore, all previous answer to #4 get divided by the square root of the hypotenuse of an isoceles triangle. =)

The really interesting question is: which of the possible scores are transcendental? >:-)

It would be more geeky if the score was: +1 for the character, +i for the movie/tv show. Or would it be too complex?...

I got 4(pi+e). :( Can I have 4 pies?

I only got 3; however I think I deserve some extra credit for identifying the Star Wars episode (part?) for the Yoda quote.

Well... I got e^(i*pi)+1+7*(e+pi) does that count?

I grew up in China, and I stopped watching TV since grade 9, therefore I'm C+, same as my current English marks

Now if you could program in C+ . . .

6pi + 7e : C+
and I really wanted that pie :P

#1 could be Jigsaw!

Hey! 3 is WolframAlpha :-)

Comic Book Guy's real name (spoiler alert) is Jeff Albertson - are there any points for knowing that?

I only got the first and the third. Looks like I won't be graduating from kindergarten any time soon :-(

#7 1.21 Jigowatts!! 1.21 Jigowatts!!! Great Scott!!

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