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Contraddiction - November 28, 2011
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Spiked Math Comic - Contraddiction

Lame pun alert!!!

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that warning should have gone BEFORE the comic! my brain hurts now.

What about a comic about proving all ducks quack (by inducktion)?

You have Russian roots?

Once I saw a similar proof that all holes in the ground with water in them can be put in order from shallow to deep--a proof by well ordering.

i have an exam in an hour, and this does not inspire me... also you should change that captcha, even my 12year old brother knows the derivative of 2x (my mother was angry at me for teaching him how to derive)

That's the point

Did he have a coke while he was learning to derive? THat could be dangerous, you know.

I think the last fellow got hauled in by the TSA for using instruments of math instruction. . . .

Change it to (with respect to y). They'll never see it coming

d2x/dy=2dx/dy. Without the statement which would seem to be implied that y=2x, you can't actually take a derivative beyond that...

Isnt contradiction spelt with one d? Is it suppose to be part of the joke because Im confused on why using the correct spelling of contradiction didnt suffice for the purpose of the pun?

Contra + addiction = contraddiction.

yo dawg, so I herd you leikz pun, so I put a pun in your pun, so that you can derive the pun while you derive the pun.
okay, anyway, let's get serious now.
crack a lame pun about statistic and sadistic: I would love it.

I bet you can't come up with a proof for two-column.

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