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Guest comics and mini comics - November 24, 2011
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Here are some user submitted ideas & mini comics! If you have an idea/submission of your own, feel free to email it to me (spikedmath@gmail.com). If you already emailed me and I didn't respond, email me again! Or if you sent me an idea that I haven't used/posted yet, feel free to send it again.

-- The first was created by Anthony S., who admits the drawing is a bit creepy-looking, and also gives credit to his graph theory professor.

Spiked Math Comic - ear decomposition comic

-- The next idea was submitted by Ken S. that i quickly threw into comic form:

Spiked Math Comic - power of two comic

-- The next is an awesome story submitted by Bora ("which turned out to be fun to young audiences who were new to either the venerable special case of complex analysis or Euler's Identity itself").

Spiked Math Comic - awesome euler story

-- Next, Maxime B. submitted this clever idea that I turned into comic form:

Spiked Math Comic - fields medal comic

-- A ridonkulous idea that was motivated from Marty:

Spiked Math Comic - impossible to do list

-- I've done this way too many times!:

Spiked Math Comic - wow

-- Finally, a silly drawing that doesn't really fit in anywhere:

Spiked Math Comic - freud the paranoid parabaloid

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Why MTWRFSS? Surely Thursday starts with a T?

"R" is used in many business settings where two letters (ex, "Th") aren't available or preferable. In fact, I've been using "R" for my attendance sheets this semester.

This, however, does look silly in light of the "SS" on the weekend. If no distinction is made there, they why make the other one? Thankfully, I never had to work on weekends in business. (Sadly, I have taught on Saturdays.)

Well I think its not because of two T's. I think its to avoid seeing WTF on your calendar

well, you have to temeber that r and t are nexr to each other on the keyboard, so it could have been a typo.

Nice to see this in comic form! thanks Mike.

Burning Crusade is the best expansion.

Was I ever off!

I thought the mathematicuian in the park was estimating pi.

When I am going to be 64, I will have the power of 4 :)

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