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Funny limits joke - November 20, 2011
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Spiked Math Comic - Funny limits joke

"Hey! Want to hear a funny joke about limits? DNE."

Credit goes to Mac H. for writing the joke on a midterm (that I graded) and to Sam R. who came up with it! Not sure if it's entirely original, but a quick google search didn't bring up any results. :D

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A little explanation for the joke (i am nor a native english speaker and neither a math guy)

as i just learned: DNE means "doesn't equal" and we never use "equals to infinity" term for limits approaching to infinity. Joke also refers unequality of things.

It's actually "does not exist".

I kind of thing that the first panel should say "want to hear the funniest joke about limits?"

I'm reading: Limits do not exists.
Therefore: There are no limits (for people).

How sickeningly optimistic of you...

I think the joke is that there is no funny joke about limits... except maybe this one, which could be seen as a limit of jokes about limits?

Au contraire. It does exist. An infinite number of mathematicians walk into a bar. The first one orders a beer, the second one orders half a beer, the third one orders a quarter of a beer. The bartender interrupts and puts two beers on the bar and says, "You guys need to learn your limits."

I"m guessing that on that exam students where asked to compute limits, and they had been taught to write DNE as answer, if the limit does not exist.

It was their second midterm that tested them on derivatives, continuity, related rates, and some limits. The hardest problem would have been:
limit as x -> -infinty of sqrt(4x^2-2x+3)/(x-3).
It was a multiple choice question with answers:
(a) 4, (b) -2, (c) + 2, (d) +/- 2, (e) DNE (for does not exist).

So what is the joke? That there are no funny jokes about limits?

How is that the hardest question? It is a standard precalculus problem with cooler notation...

I think the original joke is OK--but it's much more fun that guy "47" came up with it.

okay come on this must have at least brought a smile to your face...

what gives with the rating?!

I did not get this to start with. In my neck of the woods DNE stands for do not erase. Does not exist makes more sense :) But saying a joke does not exist and that being funny surely makes it some sort of paradox.

and it's not like matematicuians ever look at paradox. LOL

Oh dear lord how do none of you get this joke? Punk kid is talking to girls about limits, as in sexual limitations enforced from one human being upon another in a dating circumstance. The joke is that he believes they do not exist.

I think you just got called a girl , Mike.

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