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The World Series - November 16, 2011
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Spiked Math Comic - The World Series

Spiked Math Comic - The World Series

Hmm, I should have made a baseball themed comic instead...

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Doesn't the world series converge each year in seven games or less?

It seems like your one of those people who mistake the earth for the world.

It seems like you're one of those people who mistake a possessive for a contraction.

Why the hell is time discrete?

Well, because time actually IS discrete... at least a physicist once told me :p there is some kind of (really small) smallest time unit.

The discreteness of time, or the position or linear momentum of a free particle has never been detected experimentally. The claim that space or time is discrete is usually a misinterpretation of the uncertainty principle. There IS, however, a tiniest non-zero magnitude for angular momentum (h-bar/2).

As noted... or you could cite Zeno.

As Wen the Eternally Surprised(*) said:
"The universe is, instant by instant, recreated anew. There is, in truth, no past, only a memory of the past... There was no yesterday. I remember yesterday, but the memory is in my head now. Was yesterday real? Or is it only the memory that is real? Truly, yesterday I was not born."

(*) Thief of Time by Terry Pratchett.

If I were high right now, I think my head would explode.

Will it still be technically correct even if it's not (world)t*dt?
Or is |{ t | t1 < t < t2 }| finite if t1 and t2 can be represented as finite values?

I'm actually glad it isn't baseball themed.

I love this one.
I see so much philosophy on this equation, the ecology problem, the population growing problem... All resume in a tiny equation. Earth potential is limited ! Energy, water, air...

Otherwise it wouldn't be the world SERIES now would it.

This isn't exactly related to the comic, but why has the symbol (next to the page title) changed to a clone trooper helmet? Or is Chrome just acting funny?

to bill, i dont see the 'clone trooper helmet' mayby try another browser?

You humans are so narcissistic, thinking the earth is the whole world.

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