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Polar bear - November 8, 2011
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Spiked Math Comic - polar bear plot

Motivated by the Batman equation. Feel free to make it better! I also included an m-file file below. The polar bear drawing was based on this guide. I also likely made a mistake somewhere in the equations :P

Spiked Math is now on Google+.

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How long did that take you O.o You are a clever one.

Anyone got a wolfram alpha link? Not sure how to input this.

Actually you have messed up with sides :P
His LEFT foot is on the RIGHT side of picture, so left foot is (5,0) and right is (5,pi). Same with other body parts.
Yeah it feels good to find mistake in first line of table :D

Ah yes. I was using the word left to mean on the reader's left rather than the bear's left foot, either way, just replace left with right and vice versa.

You have no idea how incredibly cool this is. I think you just made my day. Thank You.

I agree. Really cool....but...someone has way too much free time on their hands!! Back to work kiddies!

The text below the heading "Ellipses" begins with "Equation of a _circle_"
Like the idea, though :-)

Here's a graph for you:
y = abs(x) + sqrt(3-x^2)
y = abs(x) - sqrt(3-x^2)

Try it out, it's nice.

In the land of cool graphs, one is reminded of Tupper's self-referential formula -- a formula defining a graph which looks like the formula itself.

Wow! I teach high school math and we do a project like this every year. Students are right now finding out the equations to various cartoon characters. They are handing them in next week. Maybe I'll post some.

The second funniest part is the citation for the Batman page:

"i_luv_ur_mom. http://www.reddit.com/r/pics/comments/j2qjc/do_you_like_batman_do_you_like_math_my_math/. Jul. 28, 2011."

"A polar bear is a rectangular bear after a coordinate transform."
-origin unknown

cool choice for origin ;-)

If this bear wears matching pants and shirt, would they be referred to as polar coordinates?

here's something students of chemistry might like...Polar bears dissolve in water...cause water is a polar solvent.

This was actually a math project that we had to do in Algebra II: an image using conic graphs (albeit not in polar form, this being for Alg II). My graph was an image of Kirby with a background. Others did a graphing calculator and an anime figure (with full spiky hair & everything - entirely using conic sections. That one was crazy.)

hahah love the polar bear.. must be describet mathematically , as it will soon be extinct..

hmm looks more like a teddy bear than a polar bear, to be honest!

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