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Two Guest Comics - October 29, 2011
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Hi guys,

No comic from me today, but I do have two submitted comics that are quite good!

The first is by Jon W. of Rowan University:

Spiked Math Comic - guest comic

The second is by Miguel L.:

Spiked Math Comic - guest comic

Woo hoo!

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That second one really killed me!

I just noticed it's updated epsilon times per month now, instead of the -12e^-ipi

epsilon greater than zero. I guess that means we could get fractional updates per month, since that would technically satisfy the condition...1 frame per month of a multi-frame comic would not be cool...

Speaking of which, does a guest comic count as a full update?

Actually, wouldn't the statement "epsilon is greater than zero" evaluate to true?

Mathematical Topologists are the best paper throwers ever! I mean is it even possible for them to miss?

Of course they can't miss. And, when they run out of doughnuts, they start eating coffee cups.

And their knots have no loose ends.

I personally never let a topologist pour me a cup of coffee though....

The phrase "Mathematical Topologist" has been brought to you by the Department of Redundancy Department.

Breaking news: there's live outside the world of mathematics, and they even use "our" words:


Are you a troper?

In the second comics, does that mean that mathematical topologist are not good?

Nah, for them it doesn't matter, simply because inside, outside, it's all the same for them. Topology, my love

I've been known to trope on occasion.

Alternative interpretation of comic 2, part 3 - YAY FIXED POINTS!

Mathematical topologists never miss! =D

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