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Halloween Candy Graph - October 23, 2011
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Spiked Math Comic - Halloween Candy Graph

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What makes you believe the curve should be right continuous?

I don't think it is actually discontinuous; it's just that the "need more" and "too much" overlap :P

or maybe the range of the "satisfied" portion is null... or smaller than what a whole candy causes

Ah, but since you can only ingest discrete amounts of candy (a molecule would definitely be a lower bound), the function is definitely not continuous :P

Well it would still be continuous under the discrete topology (or any topology generated by C (candy function))...

Why is it assumed that the set of TOO-MUCH, SATISFIED, and NEED-MORE is totally ordered? Maybe NEED-MORE < SATISFIED and SATISFIED < TOO-MUCH but it's not transitive so NEED-MORE < TOO-MUCH is not true. As everybody has experienced, sometimes when you reach the point of TOO-MUCH, you still feel NEED-MORE at the same time:).

Yeah, that chocolate coated heroin is just so damn moreish... ;-)

Yeah, this is like doing a survey with completely unrelated questions and then taking the results of that and relating the questions together. Such as... our study found that 84% of people who like chocolate ice cream prefer dogs over cats. (see also Correlated.org for some actual correlations that I did not make up on the spot)

I'm not seeing the correlation of your comment to the comic, but a lot of the items listed (assuming the surveys have valid results) point to valid comparisons.

I think it's just that satiation is a lagging indicator...

The problem is that you didn't have a Snickers...they supposedly satisfy.

Will he next do a comic on iCandy? (Or is that too Apple-ish?)

I empirically observed the same behaviour with alcohol consumption.

The reason for the discontinuity is you didn't account for time. You can easily move quickly from "need more" to "too much" without ingesting any additional candy, and even back again.

Apple is being really smart in proactively trying to get iPads into the academic community. The MAC was never really highly accepted there other than for graphic design. The iPad is taking Apple into places it struggled to break into.

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