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How to insult a mathematician - October 17, 2011
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Spiked Math Comic - How to insult a mathematician

Spiked Math Comic - How to insult a mathematician

Spiked Math Comic - How to insult a mathematician

ZOMG - it's like 3 comics in one!!!

Okay, not all of them are insults... see if you can come up with any additional ones.

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I've gotten the casino one :(

So, then, what if your field IS number theory?

Number theory is so important, it is more important than itself.

Number theory is way more important than number theory

Ah, so the relation is reflexive

Number theory is twice as important as itself!

So, if it's twice as itself:
2(NumberTheory) = Number Theory
Number Theory = 0
It's worthless.

This is really funny!

I got this one from one of my coauthors on a graph theory paper:
It's just graph theory. It's trivial.

"Your main theorem should really be a lemma, or perhaps an observation"
Now my little part of me is dying. :(

That's normal. It'll stand up again when it's needed.

These are a couple that I get a lot that drive me crazy:
So, what kind of job can you get with a math degree other than teach?
How do you do research in math?

OUCH for the first one.

In my case, I study ODE and one of the engineers told me: "there is nothing to study there, it is just the linear and the Ricatti equations and they are already solved" I was going to explain him Hilbert 16th problem ... but there was no point

For an engineer there's only 2 kinds of differential equations, the trivial ones and the ones you solve with Runge Kutta (or software using Runge Kutta).

- So what kind of math do you research?
- Algebra.
- Oh, I took that in high school. It was easy.

Taxi drivers. Grrr, taxi drivers!

"So that ex and wye stuff, whass that abaht? Whass it abaht?"

there should be a way to 'like' the comments here :)

^-- Like

^-- Like

My own family: "So tell me, what do you do with a math degree?"

With respect to the "creative thinking" remark: There's a story of Dirichlet, I think it was, when told a student had dropped out and gone to Berlin to be a poet, remarked: "It's just as well, he didn't have enough imagination to be a good mathematician."

It was Hilbert, but is is all good.

Ouch, you would post this the week MAA mailing with Putnam Q&A & results arrives in mailboxes.

I don't really feel so bad having a single digit tally as an underclassman (low single, but >1 ) ... before crossing to the darkside (applied computer stuff). Best advice I got on a computer job interview was to attend MAA regional chapter meetings to stay in touch with Maths.

Your epsilon is pretty big....

When you can't multiply three digit numbers in your head: "I thought you were supposed to be good at math"

Heck--I can hardly add two numbers in my head and expect a right answer.

My field of research -is- number theory.

I've also heard the "The Big Bang Theory" one way too many times. Most of the time it's because I'm an engineer, but I've also been told how much I should love it simply because I'm a nerd. (I started a Sci-Fi club in college.)

I was once told that being good at math must make me a strong pool player. I then leaned down with the cue stick, and as I lined up the first shot, I muttered, "let epsilon be greater than zero..."

Oh snap, that about physics would send me into a rage fit... :D

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