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The Mess Function (Guest Comic) - October 14, 2011
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A big thanks to T. (from RomanceMath.com) for creating today's comic:

Spiked Math Comic - The Mess Function (Guest Comic)

If you liked the above comic you'll also enjoy T.'s webcomic (Romance Math):
Speaking of math comics, Brown Sharpie is back! (again!) Yay! She promised updates Tue/Thur for the rest of the entire year, so let's hold her to it.

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Story of my life.

Yeah, I know exactly where it is. It's on the floor, next to the pile of socks.

But which pile of socks is it next to? And where's the floor?

There's a floor?

I would say once you reach a certain point in the curve, you could argue the room is actually organized...it only appears to be a mess to the untrained eye...

Mike, these comics never fail to bring a smile to my face. Kudos.
(Well, except for the movie titles ones - then it was more of a furrowed brow.)

Time it takes to pick 1 thing off the floor and put it where it should be >> (1/100) * Time it takes to pick 100 things off the floor

It's much more efficient to let things get a bit out of control and then deal with it all at once.

You could fortify this by comparing the entropy of the room, but my mother, even withound understanding a word, would counter this locical explanation by being loud and being, well, a mother.

Sounds familiar. Once I got home and saw my books in the bookshell, and my clothes in the wardrobe; had to put everything back on its place.

oh been there!

God, I just love these comics

On occasion, other comics have a math-related comic:


Awesome! Although I have no idea what kind of "math" they are even doing!

Neither do I, but it sure looks impressive. It's intuitively obvious that they are real brains.

I think the curve for "clean up" should resemble an 'S' curve because there are times when my room gets so bad that no matter what else I do, it still looks the same.

What's the curve for OCD people who break down in a mess? It would probably take longer to find stuff than to clean if the chaos makes you curl up into a ball and weep in the corner. ;)

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