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Guest Comic - Calculus - October 4, 2011
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Thanks to Physics student Calebe A. (from Brazil) for today's comic [ignore the few English mistakes :-)].

Spiked Math Comic - Guest Comic - Calculus

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So if I make a comic good enough, it can get featured here?

If you're nice to me and its mathy :-)
Guest comic is better than no comic imo.

Now what if it would be a really funny one, but I'm not being nice to you?

If it's hilarious then yes I'd post it... something math & funny deserves to be shared no matter how mean you are to me!

ooo... I might have to test this theory.

Well, all he has to do is to get her to like him just a teeniest little (but measurable) bit--and then there will be exponential growth.

Alas, if she is right, that her love will grow proportional to its current value, he will never gain that little bit of love. :(

Of course, if she pretends to like him, then she's doomed to oscillate between love and hate...

she's showing sines of love, no, hate, no, love...

Of course, if her love was real, they wouldn't have that problem...

Does that mean that he's her cosine?

I don't think it's genetically wise to be romantically involved with one's cosines!

So you're saying that her love is imaginary?

or y=(1^x)-1?

Dear SpikedMath =D
I don't know how discovered this site, but since then I've read all comics. It's amazing. I luv so, it's so funny!
Hugs from Brazil.

Cool, here is another comic featuring love and exponential function:

it mentions periodic functions too (not sure if link works so I posted it as my name's URL too)

Which is the same thing.
f(x) = 0
Is still of the form:
f(x) = c1*e^(c2*x)

Note that c2 < 0, also . . .

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