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Pure math vs applied math - September 23, 2011
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Spiked Math Comic - Pure math vs applied math

Pure mathematicians tend to view applied mathematicians as the "working class".

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Applied mathematicians tend to feel like the "working class".

Ha ha; I love how the random avatar applies to your post!

Applied math looks like someone struggling with an umbrella.

Mind = Blown

Yeah. . . the lady who designed those always wished she had put a bit of a spade design there. . .

This is wonderful Mike :)

You're alive! Any new peebles lab comics or cutting it off at 100?

If you need to evaluate functions, you're in the working class.

I would buy this on a T-Shirt without another thought about it.

I, too, would buy this on a T-shirt.

No offense to those that study applied math :-)

No offense taken, we all know that's a pile of money he's shoveling.

Haha thanks that made my day.

So where does Statistics fit into the equation?

Con artists, gamblers, real-estate agents, sales, marketing, ... . I am not sure!!

Statistics is gregarious maths! It gets out of doors and meets people.


As an engineer: :P

I'm not sure if applied mathematicians view this any differently.

@Statistics: I am an applied mathematician, however I also work in marketing. :P

Statistics are NOT maths. :P

Statistics IS mathematics.

Statistics IS maths. It sure ain't interpretive dance.

You're close. It's someplace in between the two -.-

Statistics is maths, and statisticians are mathematicians.

And real funky dancers.

Statistics is the art of using as many numbers as possible to confuse people into believing your point.

How dare you? It is, Sirrah, the SCIENCE of using as many numbers as possible to confuse people into believing your point.

Seriously though, statistics is mathematics. No other mathematics has such breadth of application, from physics (statistical mechanics) to the social sciences.

Since when does the number of applications to a field impress math people?

Not out to impress, but to inform.

Groovy monocle.

Please make a tee shirt out of this.

This applied equation is only for fun, often it implemented.
Though Miller stated that it is working class..!

Tsk. This image is so unrealistic.

I mean seriously...Who's ever seen a pure mathematician wearing a suit and tie? XD XD XD

But seriously, I love it and would also be inclined to throw money at you were this to be offered on clothing of some sort.

this is the greatest thing ever

I'm not sure why people like this so much. It's sort of insulting isn't it? I'm very much interested in pure math and not applied math but I still have a great amount of respect for applied mathematicians. Maybe I'm not seeing this comic the right way.

Insulting to whom? To me it looks like the pure mathematician is sitting around doing nothing while the applied mathematician does all the work. Isn't that more insulting to pure mathematicians?

In case it has some bearing on my interpretation, I prefer pure maths myself.

That's an interesting way to look at it I hadn't considered. I guess I was thinking more along the lines of upper class vs. working class.

So, Pure math is the cat, applied math is the horse?

No, pure math is the cat, applied math is the box. Schrodinger anyone? :)

I can never decide about Schrodinger.

You mean whether to spell his name with or without the umlaut?
I'm of two minds myself on that.

So, Pure math is the cat, applied math is the horse?

And statistics is the lolcat.

"I can has numbers?"?

A pure mathematician wearing a tie?

Must be the first day of the semester

Seems to me the applied mathematician also has to shovel a lot of s**t in his job...I remember the modelling course (mathematical, just to clarify) I did, and sometimes a lot of convenient assumptions were made!

How about Statistic Mathematician?

Lesson Learned:

Pure mathematicians: essentially useless for work
Applied Mathematician: Gettin shit done

Yeah it fits.

Statisticians are the best. They get the s*#t done all day long

The relationship between pure mathematicians and applied mathematicians is based on trust and understanding.

Unfortunately, pure mathematicians don't trust applied mathematicians and applied mathematicians don't understand pure mathematicians.

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