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Trains - September 21, 2011
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Spiked Math Comic - Trains

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And I thought they just liked train crashes....

dooooooom crash tada boooooom

i love trains :)

Just be glad it's not physics and that the trains are "nowhere" near C...

That depends. Are any of the passengers carrying hand mirrors?

Or trains hate math teachers?

In Soviet Russia, maybe

My Calculus teacher is more fond of intersecting planes . . .

Who is that stupid person that spams here and in the foruns >:(

Should be gone now, likely just bots doing it/

Dr Sheldon Cooper would be really angry about this..

Awesome reference. It'd also be a shame if Summer Glau was on one of the trains. :/

I vote we get a harder math question to weed out the spammers.


@Jennifer. Very good :P

So question: If are approximately an hour from colliding at their current velocities, then they should have sufficient time to stop before a collision. What's the problem?

I meant "If they are"

So, Gomez Addams was a mathematician?

the trains are from Macpaint !

Do both the trains have to be on the same track?

long story short, 1 hour, no survivors.

Two trains are 100 miles apart. One starts east at 35 meters per minute. The other starts west, at 210 feet per second, forty-five minutes later. The trains collide at 5:15pm. At what time was the dispatcher fired?

I'm not sure of the exact time, but it must have been in the early 90s, because the dispatcher's next job was on the Mars Climate Orbiter.

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