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World of Mathcraft - September 20, 2011
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Spiked Math Comic - World of Mathcraft 1

Spiked Math Comic - World of Mathcraft 2

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Legit. I'll get my party together once they finish their dungeon crawl.

Decline, Decline, Decline, it's a trap, it's the matrix, choose the other pill, don't buy into the pretty looks. Run away from the light...sorry, I've spread myself too thin already


Yes, it's the matrix. An infinite self-adjoint matrix that nobody's been able to construct.

Sure, it's tough--but $1,000,000! (That's two commas!)

Still, I'll leave it for the hot-shots.

The caption is "1,000,000" not "$1,000,000", a significant difference.

1,000,000 gold coins? Gold is way more than $1000/ounce now! =))

OTOH, since it's from the Clay Mathematics Institute, a bit if research will show that it's %1,000,000: http://www.claymath.org/millennium/

That's $1,000,000, of course.

But this is like a world of warcraft quest, and I think its something like $20 for 20k gold from the gold farmers...not really a worthwhile reward if you ask me

Is that a LOTRO background!? If so, that's quality Mike :-)

Nice Ads. I'm soo glad I can get customer friendly email marketing for as low as 8,50$ per month

i would so play this!

I was shocked to find out the author of this webcomic is such an intolerant.

Yes, I'm talking about "The Pi manifesto". It is obvious from reading it that you were full of spite when you were writing it.

But I wrote it in the same type of format as the tau manifesto!

you're fighting fire with fire; just because all tauists are intolerant of piists doesn't mean you can be intolerant back to them

I really want to play this!

That is actually a background from World of Warcraft.

No achievements? No honor? Just gold?

That background is WinterSpring from World of Warcraft :P

I accept. *solves Riemann hypothesis within zeta(s)/10^TREE(3) 10^-googolplex second units*

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