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Change yourself - September 19, 2011
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Spiked Math Comic - Change yourself

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Do this is a derivative? I'm only in year 8 but I'm learning this stuff from my teacher

Yes, and in this case it can be interpreted as "you should always be growing."

im i year 8 too! :D

Or put on weight!

Change yourself - be more positive!

Sadly, the second derivative is smaller than zero.
Life is full of unattainable goals.

Yeah, but as I am a grad student, $0 < \frac{d(me)}{dt} < \episilon$

Oops. Apparently my bad LaTeX joke got cut off.

Hey hey just asking what is dt means?

dx/dt is the math way of saying "the change of x with respect to time" (it's called a derivative.) If the change is greater than zero, that means x (or, in this case, the person) is increasing.

I like the informal definition "differential (smallest possible change) in time". So the derivative becomes the smallest possible change in the top bit per every smallest possible change in the bottom. It also stands for "delerium tremens", but clearly this little man's over it.

:) This is great. I'd buy a T-shirt with this print.

Monotonic but not monotonous!

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