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Assymptote - September 12, 2011
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Spiked Math Comic - what is an assymptote

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(sin x)/(x^2+1) touches the asymptote at infinitely many points? You can even kiss the asymptote with x^2/(x^4+1)!

perverts D=

That's fine, because there are some exceptions on the "stripper's ass" side of the analogy as well...

I have to say, that crosses the line ;-)

Good point! I wasn't thinking very clearly when I made the comic ;-)

geometry help sites

Find an all-contact strip club in montréal...

tch tch tch, mike!

But I thought a stripper's ass was a complex curve?

Well, as the *blasphemy* physicist said: After sufficient time it would be close enough for any physical need...


You never give up on dirty Maths jokes, huh? :D

omg- this is tooooo funny! and the comments are priceless- espec jk's! i wish things like this could be used as mnemonics in high school- it could have helped so many kids, like my boyfriends! Thanks, mike and commenters!

A stripper's asymptote, you mean.

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