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Back to school time! - August 27, 2011
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Spiked Math Comic - Back to school time!

This is a modification of comic 295 according to Morbe's comment.

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what about parents who are teachers?

Mr. and Mrs. Ambivalence

If they are statisticians: on average they feel fine.

haha im one of the students that want to get back SHAAZAM!

Recycling jokes are we?

Nope: this is the NEW and IMPROVED Second Edition version. Now with a new panel! (Costs 80% more!)

(Answers for the even panels are found in the back. The publisher takes no responsibility for typos that may or may not invalidate the answers.)

(Viewer's discretion is advised.)

I hate it when my mom smiles


Seriously, I actually enjoy college, but the whole back-to-school thing still irritates me.

Poor 47 :(

Took me a second to find 47. Now we must over-analyze why 47 was chosen (prime of course but...).

heya, i wanted to ask, you said you will publish your comics -12e^ipi times a month. thats 12 times a month(unless i really forgot something in maths). My question is, are you on holiday, or is there some event in your life, or are there just no ideas coming up?(i know its the summer and im in no way trying to push for more), just its kinda sucky to check the webpage every day to find the same comic over and over again, i miss having my mind slightly challenged every time you post something. Its great. Come back! :) we miss you

Ya, that was the schedule before summer vacation :P

I'll try to update more regularly for the Fall/Winter semesters. Let me get caught up first then I'll put out a Mon/Thu/Fri schedule or something similar.

That guy with the sunglasses in the last panel is so shady. I can only imagine him as some Blackjack Card counter....guess he is happy he gets more time at the casino?

So _shady_... bwahaha!


I do! I'm making a comic right this very second actually!!

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