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Physics Phun - August 13, 2011
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Update! That's right, I got off my lazy ass to make a couple comics for ya!

Spiked Math Comic - Physics Phun

Spiked Math Comic - Physics Phun

The Movie Math Quiz now has its own page with hints included. No new ones added yet, but submissions are more than welcomed.

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so its crow bar over 2 pi?
why is it being divided by 2 pi?
and isn't x bar represented with the bar being above the x?
I am confused.
(got the planking one though)

This one is a bit beyond me to be honest. Sometimes I feel like I need to get a math degree to enjoy my favorite comics (I'm a spec. ed. Math teacher and a HS math tutor). Although I do get a nice superior feeling when I get one that my family doesn't:)

crowbar = crow / 2 pie
hbar = h /2 pi
I had to think about that for a moment (though I am physician, shame on me)
good to have my famous webcomic back!

"physicist" of course
today is not my day I guess...

The funny thing is I thought, "Well if someone who's in physics didn't get it right away, I don't feel too bad". Not my day either! :)

I think it wasn't too bad. He did start off with Planck and the h.

Great, except it shouldn't be two pieces of pie, but two entire pies. Now.... Wouldn't it have been nice in pi stood for the full circle! Maybe we should replace 2pi with tau, and then much later, when all trace of pi has been wiped out from mainstream math, rename tau as pi.

Oops, make that "Wouldn't it have been nice if pi stood for the full circle

No, terrible, pointless, idiotic idea.

We want to represent 2pi, so showing 2 whole pies would be off by a factor of e. The picture should show 2 pie/e, so if each of those slices is just over a third (1/e) of the pie then it's accurate. But that doesn't look like a 132 degree angle to me.

Indicentally, I initially took the bird to be a magpie, and (treating each slice as a pie) wondered what mag/2 was supposed to mean.

Well, the Australian magpie has less white parts than the I European cousins . Mind you, the crows in these parts have a lot of grey as opposed to the American variant, so I, too, would have had problems IDing the bird as a crow (without the crowbar that is).

I never knew what a magpie was until I saw a European one and was disappointed to be informed that it wasn't a swallow. By now, if I think about it, I remember that magpies are the ones with white on them, but I don't always think about it. When I don't think about it, 'magpie' seems like it could be just another member of the set {names of birds which all turn out to refer to members of the genus Corvus}

Come on, even I got this one...
They had been getting out of my reach but I'm glad to see I'm back in the game :)

hbar=h/(2pi), right? as in plank's constant

Wouldn't Pi Pi be Pi Squared? Everyone is interpreting it as 2*Pi. I see nothing to indicate this is Pi + Pi which is what 2Pi would be.

Depends on how picky you want to be. In pictoral form two slices of pie are counted not multiplied.

I don't understand the Plancking bit, but the second part reminded me of a similar joke I made around the time of one of the LHC startups when Wil Wheaton was trying to get CERN and crowbar to trend together on twitter (incidentally, this display of enthusiasm later led me to give Wil a CERN T-shirt.) Except I figured a crowbar would be the antiparticle of a crow, and that a pigeonbar would be more useful, since it was thought to be a pigeon that had tried to sabotage the machine by dropping a piece of bread on an electrical substation.

Plancking is an internet meme where people take pictures of themselves lying completely horizontal in unusual places. And h is the famous constant by that name...

Ah, I hadn't heard of planking.

*pedant hat on*
The Movie Math Quiz now has its own page.
Maybe I should have posted this as a reply to the first comment (it's crow bar over 2 pi)?
*pedant hat off*

Fixed, but I am a mathematician afterall.

So am I :-D
But the poor English teachers spent so much time hammering the difference into us when I was a lad!

back from vacation? should we expect to see more frequent updates? :D

think about it... what is hbar?

i'm also a physicist. use your problem solving skills you learned!! :D

I gotta write this .. from planking obvious it's all about the = c/v .. but more interestingly, the crowbar is because of half-life game where, gordon freeman uses a crowbar in the black mesa research titled lambda .. love this :D (hope I'm not off .. )

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