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Calvin Klein - June 17, 2011
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Spiked Math Comic - Calvin Klein

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Ha Ha! a joke I can't understand... it probably has somthing to do with combinatorics...

Actually, it's topology.. Look up "Klein Bottle". Kind of a Mobius strip in a higher dimension. :) Brilliant comic btw!

Too bad it won't hold any liquid, seeing as how it has no inside and no outside. :)

As described in detail at ACME KLEIN BOTTLES (http://www.kleinbottle.com/) holding liquid is not the main problem. Cleaning the bugger is.

Exactly why I have never filled mine with liquid (yes, I own a glass Klein bottle that I bought from that site).

Whoops, at first I published this as 243 rather than 423.. hopefully it doesn't mess up the ordering in the archive :P

Seems to be fixed now...

You're not very good with numbers are you spiked math

LOL! Good thing I stopped school before the stage where simple math skills
are destroyed. ^_^

He's just a typical mathematician--of which there are three types: those who can count and those who can't.

Probably the most clever joke I've ever seen, good job! :D

awesome klein bottle!!

Hmm surely every made scent and not every possible scent.

This probably goes back to that "finite number of lives" comic :)

I agree.

I have a couple of Klein bottles at home. :)

Actually it would, the tube that is going in opens at the bottom.

I don't understand the "every possible scent imaginable" bit... Must learn more topology!

uhm... I thought the kleinbottle only contains everything, when it is formed in 4-dimensions, because in 3 dimensions you have to cut a hole in it, and once it has a hole, it has an outside and inside, right?

it does have a hole on it on the bottom

that thing on the bottom is not really a hole, it is just bend material. what I mean is that you would have to actually cut something away if you are trying to make one in 3 dimensions.

No--the hole is in the side, where the tube from the "top" curves over and goes through the side.

However, since it's a surface, the hole doesn't actually give it a second side, and it still doesn't cut space into two parts (inside and outside); it only gives it an edge.

Yeah, good joke -- if it weren't for Brown Sharpie already having published it in 2007:

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