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Vennception - June 15, 2011
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Spiked Math Comic - Vennception

I almost forgot how to update my website :P

Some random news:

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Mike is just lucky that monitors have limited resolution, or it would take forever to make this page.

Unless he were using a mark-up language that allowed infinite recursion.

Then the page would take forever to load!

My Dad was hysterical over this comic.

I love your comics, I'm from Argentina and I'm 14. A comic of a Mickey's fractal can be a Good idea (or not)
PS: The best are the'' your momma so....'' from mathfail

I didn't got it. Can someone explane it in simple english? (I am dutch, so my english isn't that great). thnx Nicky

The movie inception was about dreams within dreams, and the comic venception is about venn diagrams within venn diagrams.

Muahahahaha, it's funny because it's true!

The result is ugly, but I had to do it: http://imgur.com/vufJo

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Hello my fellow math geeks. My name is Mike and I am the creator of Spiked Math Comics, a math comic dedicated to humor, educate and entertain the geek in you. Beware though, there might be some math involved :D

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