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The Letter - May 24, 2011
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Spiked Math Comic - The Letter

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I actually finished mine last year :P


A toast! I propose a toast!

I'm curious, what was it about? And did you uploaded somewhere or it's available on-line? I'm finishing my first year of maths and physics and (assuming I'll be able to understand a bit of it when I finish) I'd like to read it.

Funny... I'm right now working on mine :-P

I can't wait for the moment I could send it this letter!!

That's frighteningly close to reality! Are you secretly seeing my thesis behind my back, Mike?

Strugling to finish mine before the 1st of july. Can I use this IN my thesis? Ofcourse I will mention you in a way you prefer.

Absolutely... no credit is needed :)

Liked the comic so much.

Whoa... this scared me. I got my deadline haunting week by week.

What happens if the Universe collapses unto itself during my lifetime and there is no concept of time? Is that in the video? :D

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