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Summer Vacation - May 9, 2011
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Spiked Math Comic - Summer Vacation

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What about when you're in-between?

Do you mean to say something like, "Finally, no more real math!"?

"Finally, now we can do some complex math"

Complex math only works if you have an imaginary component.

As in you are an eager undergrad/grad student majoring in math. Then you're in heaven. You can spend time with your loved one all year round...

I'm a student, but in this chart I would identify myself with the profs.

Although, I'm gonna miss the math. ::/

So if I'm taking a non-required independent study in Complex Analysis over my summer vacation...

I'm with both groups: most classes are boring, since they never go at the right speed, but math on your own is fun!

I second this, but difference is that it may go too fast for me.(or maybe I am just not in the mood)

So wait have the Americans finished already? I still have a month and a half left, with exams in 3 weeks :(

oh, my~ I am right now having exam and I will be free in two days. yay~ two crazy days, that is.

It depends on the college- we have 2 more weeks at my college, but my neighbor was done last week.

It took a while but I'm a free man now. I think number theory and Ramanujan will be filling the next few days.

Of course the girl is happiest that there is no more math. Sexism FTW!

Judging by the fact that the two guys are looking at her, I think she's just enjoying their affections.

According to stereotype, she is glad that she will no longer have to spend her days surrounded by desperate male maths geeks who awkwardly hit on her occasionally but usually just stare creepily (except for the few who are too engrossed in proving the Riemann hypothesis to notice her) so she will be able to paint her nails^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H prove the Riemann hypothesis in peace.

great idea i like it!

its summer i'm going to be a 2nd grader

very cute! nothing better than summer for the kiddies.

Unbelievable true... and also perfectly applicable for our Department of Chemistry...

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