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The Mathematical Journalist - May 7, 2011
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Spiked Math Comic - The Mathematical Journalist

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Saturday update, wooo! Also, stats confound again.

I was wondering the other day what the chance would be of no strange coincidences that people are likely to ascribe to the paranormal ever happening. It must be pretty tiny.

Maybe they quit playing the lotto after they've won?

to quote Tim Minchin, "to assume that your one-in-a-million event is a miracle is to seriously underestimate the number of things that there are."

so... if I won the lotto once I should keep playing to win for sure(again!)(assuming everyone else that wins the lotto stops playing it)?

The lotto thing can't be true, I mean must be some who much have won twice

It's clearly not true. I think it's tongue-in-cheek but I'm not sure what the point of the falsehood is.

It's not tongue-in-cheek or a falsehood, it's just something that happens to be true (against the odds) in the fictional country this comic is set in, but which the journalist's boss is not impressed by.

This ancient Onion article strikes me as being vaguely similar:

This remember me of a class of psicology (yeah, I have to take those...) The professor was all impressed with the fact that one specific woman had maried and lost her husband four times. She was like "Well, this ought to mean something! It's her inconscient that is manifesting making she choose guys that will die!"

And I was like: "WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT??? This would happen eventually to someone, nothing impressive or even meaningfull about this!!!"

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