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Old MacDonald - May 5, 2011
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Just a heads up that updates from May-August will likely be less frequent and I'll try to update at least once per week or so.

Nothing original from me today but here's a sweet joke and quote that I thoroughly enjoyed and thought deserved more attention:

Spiked Math Comic - Funny math quote

Spiked Math Comic - Funny math quote

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Attending a math lecture with your parents is awkward if there's a proof.

If you don't like forms you may prefer:

Old MacDonald had a farm
2.71828183..., sqrt(-1), 2.71828183..., sqrt(-1), 0.

Seriously, I had an Old McDonald joke set for tomorrow. A colleague has been doing imaginary numbers with his class, so when I walk in for my class afterward, the board is filled with i i i i ...

Heh sorry :P
You can still post yours though!

What's better? If your girlfriend is imaginary or complex?

It is complex only if she is partially real and has imaginary parts.

I think you're better off with an imaginary girlfriend than with one with imaginary parts.

Mathematician one: "I like my girls like I like my maths, elegant and pure."
Mathematician two: "Certainly not irrational and complex!"
‘Mathematician’ three: "That's weird, I like it easy and from college."

I got this wrong, and the reason for that was the use of the weird division sign.

The way it was typeset made it parse the formula as this for me:


which is the "wrong" answer.

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