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Contradiction - April 19, 2011
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Spiked Math Comic - Contradiction

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You saved my tuesday morning. an now I'm trying to get my math prof to use 8==>

i wonder what would my profs say if i wrote that on my exam :)

Why not write ':)' for an equivalence relation, and ':(' for 'not :)'?

I always used -><- I just liked the opposition to the equivalence sign.

All is good as long as you don't write ({|}) next to it. That would be plain porn...

and my math teacher would be so confused, since im a girl :D

why or how would being a girl make math porn more confusing?

oh, you got a point, hehe, sorry XD


mine's longer ^^

aUHAuuaA very funny! :D

More too it


OK, but shouldn't a contradiction be something that's opposed to the "dic"-tion, or perhaps something well below it as in "contrabass(oon)"?...

Isn't the humor here well below polite society?

this reminds me of the dick-tionary


not really how relate this to math, but it felt appropriate...

I think that's the complex conjugate.

Write e^(i pi) + 1 = 0 in a public washroom, and watch other people draw a dick on the equal sign, and more people will draw dicks on dicks



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