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Freak out your students - April 15, 2011
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Spiked Math Comic - Freak out your students

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But, but, but how would the professor know who I am from my IP?

They don't have to. It'll still freak most of the students out.

They log your IP address when you log into their website. So they can use ldapsearch lastloginip="xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx". At least that's how it works at my school. Obviously this wouldn't work very well if you're using any computer other than your regular computer or if you're using a proxy or you have a dynamic IP address.


You, sir, are Pure Evil.
And I salute you.

You could also create a second site (with ads) that has an obviously false answer.

then you give them negative points for using it :P

Another score for adblockers

Psht, like I'm really going to select an unknown site over MathWorld or Wikipedia.


Yes, I took this class ... I still remember the day he went through the apache logs...

I almost clicked that site... later I always tell myself to have proxy-equipped before doing anything 'dangerous' :)

ARRRGH! That site repeats the lie that the 200 UCF students were "cheating". They were using a publicly available question list that they were never told was off limits, which by coincide happened to be the same list the professor took his test questions from EVEN AFTER he explicitly stated he wrote his own tests.

Of course, who are the media going to believe? A career educator or a swarm of evil, dishonest, probably stoned undergrads?

...also, that story vindicates my practice of always clicking to the "cached" page on google instead of the live one, unless it's a site I'm already comfortable with, like wikipedia.

the other story, not the UCF one...

Pictures are informative!

Just imagine your professor's picture is pointing finger at you with the word "CHEATERS!". That's enough to make my pants wet.

a good way for students to freak out their professor is to use a picture of the professor as the background for their laptop and then use the laptop during class to take notes or something. then you go ask the professor the question about your notes at the end of class and make sure they see your background.

Why not manipulate the wikipedia site with a wrong answer :)

Now that would be just mean. And I love it!

Because that would affect the innocent, like non-students, as well as the guilty.

Hmm..pretty nice idea....but only one loop hole......IP can be tracked...but it's not easy to find out which IP belong to whom

Or charge a few bucks for students to use the ad. Use that as the last cell and I think you have a troll science comic.

I was disappointed to find that no one has bought an ad for "prove that the petersen graph is the smallest hypohamiltonian graph" searches yet.

would have been funnier if the ad linked to a website that sold the students the solution for 10 bucks.

Definitely more useful to sell them the answer... I thought that was where this was going... make some extra cash off it.

It has been a while, nevertheless I found today something, what fits this comic: http://www.uproxx.com/feature/2011/03/100-of-the-most-ridiculous-yahoo-answers-posts/#page/18 :)

U are doing it wrong. u should be making a profit out of this!

I've taken math 271 at the U of C, and my prof hated using computers, I highly doubt he would have been able to do this. Also, he was good enough to motivate the vast majority of the class to refrain from cheating.

Meh, just use Tails or something else to fake your IP...

I don't get it. Looking things up online isn't cheating, is it? I do this ALL the time. Nobody had ever said I couldn't. #freaking out

Shouldn't step 2 be done first?

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