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Some quick random comics - April 11, 2011
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Was a bit busy last week (hence the lack of updates).

Spiked Math Comic - Your Mom

And here's a comic I made for Brendan who requested his version be spikedmathetized:

Spiked Math Comic - Brandon

Some stuff about phi:

Spiked Math Comic - phi

It's nearing the end of the term here so profs are doing this more often to fit in all the material.

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If anyone is interested in hearing about mathematicians going insane... this might spark your interests: http://www.diamondbackonline.com/news/police-find-alum-living-in-campus-building-1.2156447

And next time, please make a comic strip about \varphi .

That last one is golden...

Hmm...that's the probability density function for the univariate standard normal distribution...the probability density function for the univariate normal doesn't have the parameters defined as zero and one as you have it there.

Is the poor guy to do 20 push-ups or 20! push-ups? In the latter case his best hope is base 3, but even so, it's gonna be a long night. For a regular (young) guy a set of twenty is ok (IIRC), but would need 5+ minutes recovery before the next set. To reach the minimum of 720 we are already at a minimum of 3 hours - and the rest periods will become longer.

It does have a period after the exclamation point, signifying that it is, in fact, 20! pushups, whichi is about 2.5 quintillion. Assuming a constant rate of about 20 per minute, that'll take 231 billion year.

I actually remember a friend of a friend replying a sergeant's "drop and give me 20" line with "do you have change for 50?"

Oh, come on. That's an old joke. I've heard it in a cartoon once.

Interesting that comic #411 came out on 4-11.

Hey Mike, his mom doesnt look satisfied with your relation, but you are clearly happy about it - kinda selfish. Respect!
BTW, I hate this anglosaxon phi of yours. \VARPHI FOR THE GLORY!!

I know this is a math comic not a physics one, but [;\phi;] (I've got no idea if this'll work) can also represent the first of Maxwell's equations: [;\Phi = \int \vec{E} d\vec{S} = \frac{Q}{\epsilon_{0}};].

Phi is also the hypotenuse of the only right triangle whose sides form a geometric series. If that had been here, I would have not struggled at all on a math test.

phi = -2sin666

Also for engineers, in elasticity, Phi represents an Airy Function

For aeronautical engineers, phi is runway gradient, used in takeoff and landing performance calculations.

Phi also is a symbol for Benzene (phenyl group) when it is attached to other compounds.

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