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Tug of War - April 4, 2011
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So true. My friend in Physics department can brag about Newton's triumph for hours.

But he wrote more about religion, a lot more about religion, then he did Math or Physics.

good point.

Is the mathematician on the far left the father of the physicist in the middle?

Not after the latter came out of the closet to being a Physicist.

Cant we all just get along?
After all, what is physics but math with an application?

magnet18: What is math but just a language for the awesome science of physics? Ha!

As a physicist I say let the mathematicians keep him, he was a really nasty mean spiteful guy, and we have better taste than that. Liebniz FTW.

What does a physicist want with Leibniz? Are you going to see what happens if you collide monads at high energy?

Yeah that seems like a weird choice for a physicist. Considering Leibniz worked on more mathematics than physics, while Newton worked on more physics than mathematics.

Can't really prove physics concepts without Mathematics ;)....Makes Mathematics upper hand.

Yep all the Physicists would have to be pulling for the Math side at the same time as thy pull for the Physics side... Which means they have to exist in two states simultaneously and it will be impossible to accurately measure both the position and momentum of the Physicists ;-)

P.S. What's with Physicists and ties?

So, my first comment on spiked math:
This comic is so true! I really can't understand why some mathematicians and physicists have to argue about that topic so much. I would say he was a mystic to first approximation. Most of his work was on the Bible, Astrology, Alchemy. Only to second order he was a mathematician AND physicist, doing important work on both fields...
I am a physicist, but on the everlasting fight between physics and mathematics my point is like it was shown by xkcd: http://xkcd.com/435/ :)

Surely you mean the alt text... :)

hey, at least we dont dress the same

Newton spent more time on alchemy than physics...

"Physics is to math as sex is to masturbation." -Dick Feynman

his name makes the quote even more ammusing

Gauss would be another candidate for being in the middle, but I think mathematicians have already won that tug-a-war.

at his time, there was no difference between maths and physics. There was no such thing as science - it was natural philosophy :)

Seriously? What would we want with Newton.
Leibniz is ours ... muahahha

It's like wanting to make Mr.Vader (newton) join the light side while young luke (leibniz, was born 3 years later) kicks his behind ...

I agree with marclurr, there wasn't really the divide there is today.

I hate Physics man!
Math \m/s

Be careful what you say about Physics Man. You don't know what he can do.

I think it's not a that exciting game tug of war.. mostly people use their hands, wich seem quite absent.. :P

Hey--the mathematicians demanded that the tug of war be done using only their minds!

Hey guys, anyone here read the Baroque Cycle by Neal Stephenson? It's about 3000 pages of Newton vs. Leibniz and Alchemy vs. Natural Philosophy, with some awesome adventures in the middle.

I find it frightening that the physicists all have the same outfit and haircut, and are they wearing jeans with those ties? I didn't know physics could ruin your sense of fashion...

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