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Geeky pet names - March 24, 2011
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Spiked Math Comic - Geeky pet names

Here are the Movie Math Quiz Solutions from the last few comics.

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Greetings from Thailand!
I skimmed your last 400 comics since yesterday. And I gotta admit, your comics are superbs!

BTW. I'll use Schrodinger if I got a chance :)

Thanks Chronon! 400 comics since yesterday, that's crazy!!

Nah, it's not a hard work at all if the stuffs are really fresh. Keep up the good work!

I'm totally naming my next turtle "Achilles!" Or maybe Zeno.


Is that your site too? I've been reading SM for months and haven't even heard of it until just now. You gotta advertise better or something!

Actually, Achilles would make a great name for a dog, you know, "Achilles, heel!"

We have a winner!
Or a weiner, depending upon the dog.

I agree regarding greek letters - we had a cat we named Theta once. Lol is another good name for a cat. Also functions and their inverse, for example, we called two kittens Lanny & Expo.

You forgot Fermat, Euler, Laplace, etc. -- but personally, I'd probably go with "Bokonon."

I knows cats named Pascal and Pythagoras but called Py for short.

They are actually called "PI" for short. :) Or 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028841971693993751058209749... for long.

You could call one dog Rex, the next Rex prime, then Rex tilda, Rex bar, Rex double prime etc.

It would be better if all the dogs were named "Xi"

About that survey: Is it made for students of a certain nationality, because I'm sure that different countries use different grading systems, which could cause some serious statistical problems. (I'd gladly fill it out, but I don't want to screw with the statistics)

I think you're right. I Norway our grades are 1 through 6, which would mess up the statistics if they are meant for 1-100.

It's even worse in Denmark, where it goes from -3 to 12 (yes, the lowest you can get is worse than nothing), with jumps between the grades.

Don't forget Five!

I always felt that Doctor Who's doggie, K-9, had the geekiest possible name, but Dogbert comes close.

My junior high math teacher named his dog 'pico'. Ten to minus twelve among friends.


This name especially would be good if you keep having to replace the cat...

Our cat when I was little (the '50s) was named catalysis. Chemist parents, needless to say.

IIRC, in a short Deryni story, "Catalyst", Katheryn Kurtz uses a cat to spark Rhys' healing abilities.

I don't get the binary number??

got it, oh almighty google!

Claudia Augusta Tiberia
Also Muon - a tiny but excessively fluffy ( apparent mass) cat (note pun - mew-on)
and Tachyon - a long, skinny cat who races about the house frenetically.
I named them before these attributes became apparent - interesting coincidence.

The grade point average is a decimal from 1 to 4 in most places, some colleges use 1 through 5.
So just use a ratio; if your GPA is 5.6 in Norway, in the US (where I assume the survey is meant to be taken) its 5.6 / 6 = x /4, x = 3.73.

that was a reply to Stig

My cat got named caton, because as a kitten it only had two states: sleeping and moving.
I also like naming them after Indian deities....

My cat is named Ajax, and I used to have a dog called Matrix. Of course we had Gandalf, Frodo, Anakin and so on, but I guess you could say those are 'freaky' names rather than 'geeky' :D Totally loved mu tho.

My cat is actually named Vector. ;)

Does he always move in a straight line?

Don't forget Einstein or Copernicus for a dog, esp. if you have a DeLorean.

awesome comics (the ones I get) :). been reading for ages. just a quick point - you're maths trick a while ago for a perfect cube of a 2 digit number, with one minor change, works for a 3 digit number. first and last digits are found the same way - to find the middle digit, all you have to do is apply modulo 11 to the number, compare it to the first 9 numbers cubed, modulo 11, see which one it matches. then take negative that number, add the other 2 numbers, and apply modulo 11. simples :)

Nice, nice, but no mention of Fiver for a rabbit? for shame.

Other than that, awesome. If I get a turtle, I'm definitely calling it Achilles.

I have a geeky pets so I named as they behave - Dizzy. This cat is just crazy - it has double personality issues and always sees something behind his eyes.

I'm partial to Dijkstra for any pet.

And how about Geometric, Geo for short, for a rabbit.

If I had a hippopotamus, I'd totally name it Hippopothenuse.

Can't believe you forgot Cauchy for a dog name. Because, you know, it leaves a residue at every pole...

Cross that with Bryan's rabbit to get GeoCachy.

The dog who lives downstairs is a Beagle. His name is Darwin. It's so witty I laugh every time I see him.

My professor of mathematics called his cat Heaviside :p

My dog's name is Jacobian. I call him Jake.

My neighbors had a dog and they named it Doggie, pronounced D O G. Like Dee Oh Gee. DOG.

One of my colleagues in the dept has a pair of cats whose stripes are similar except one is slightly out of phase with the other's. They are named Sine and Cosine.

How about Megabite for a dog?

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