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The Movie Math Quiz Part 3 - March 23, 2011
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Update August 2011: Take the interactive Math Movie Quiz here.

Spiked Math Comic - The Movie Math Quiz Part 3

Credits to Michał Ś for posting an idea that I used in one above and also thanks to Gaven C for emailing the idea below (I've included it as a bonus):

Spiked Math Comic - Math Movie Bonus

Movie Math Quiz Part 1

Movie Math Quiz Part 2

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2. Joan of Arc

8. exorcist

Wild guesses...3. Detour (D-to-R),4. In the loop (seems to be too simple though :P)

Sorry, 6. in the loop

3: Open Range
5: The Odd Couple

5. The odd couple

BONUS: The Green Mile

4. speed

9: Transformers?

9. Transformers? (at least i recognize Hankel and Laplace)

10: Absolute Power

4. The Jerk??

1. something about Manhattan? (men wearing hats on the graph of tan θ)

7. Star Wars

4. Inception?

6) In the Loop
Bonus ) Green Mile

I'm guessing:
1. Tangents
2. Joan of Arc
3. Open Range (or else "Range")
5. The Odd Couple.
7. Star Wars
8. The Exorcist
10. Power of One??
Bonus: The Green Mile.

I think all the right answers are up except for #4.

1. Man-hat-tan
2. Joan of arc
3. Rango (Range-o)
4. Inception (?)
5. The Odd couple
6. In the loop
7. Star Wars
8. Exorcist
9. Transformers
10. no idea -_-

(with help from @rudrajitdatta)

10. Absolute Power (1997)

a) Manhattan 79
b) Joan of Arc 48
c) Open Range 03
d) The Jerk 79
e) The Odd Couple 68
f) In the Loop 09
g) Twins of Evil 71 ?? ?????
h) Exorcist 93
i) Transformers 07
j) Absolute Power 97
Bonus: The Green Mile 99

Yup, Star Wars fits the g). How did I miss that !! I was watching the movie yesterday. :(
d) Jerk is the integral of acceleration so I guess it could be it.

Acceleration is the integral of jerk (= , I'm thinking #4 is inception

Thanks Dan. Yup, my bad !! I don't have any clue then. May be Private Function.

I don't see what #4 has to do with integrals anyway.

Was thinking of the function sign to be integral sign.

6) How to lose a guy in 10 dates

While I agree #6 has to be "In The Loop", your answer is really clever.

#4 should be inception. I cant think of anything else

10. Continuum

#4: it's a function, within a function, within a function! So I would think inception

4. Powers of Three

I am sorry to inform you that 1 is:
1. The Human Centipede (First Sequence) (2009)

6. Lost in translation.

My guess was Lost in Translation for 6 as well but I see how it could be In the Loop.

6. Memento

Seems no one noticed. Last comic was number 403. This one is 405.
where is 404? HERE

Shhhhh.... I'm just going to pretend your comment doesn't exist. la la la

Which comment are you talking about? I don't see anything , :whistle:

clever, how if you enter spikedmath.com/404 you get a 404 error. heheheh.

4 can be final fantasy 2

1 is power rangers...notice the power sign on the stick figures...

6 has to be "How to lose a guy in 10 days" since there is a guy in the loop and he is lost . Are you going to post the solutions? :D

6. I am number four (10% chance that I am right :))

According to the 404 comic, No. 4 has to be Inception.

is #4 not x cubed (+ c) or XXX / Triple X

1. Manhattan 2. Joan of Arc 3. Open Range 4. Inception 5. The Odd Couple 6. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days 7. Star Wars 8. Exorcist 8. Transformers 9. Absolute Power

Is someone Da Vinci Code?

For those who keep saying 4 is The Jerk... it isn't. Jerk is the third derivative, not third iteration. I'm not sure what it is, I'm inclined to agree with Inception, but thinking it's The Jerk is something of "ineption." Oh snap!

The bonus is the green mile, am I right?

take this survey for my math project please!!!

Love the Inception one (a function in a function in a function)

I think one is china town - china tan

Err ... one Question:

What is a Metres? Mistress with some spelling issue?


It's in English. Real English. :P

is 9 absolute power? I was thinking that the (.) is 3D.. so something in 3D

where is comic number 404?

404 not found?

is number four XXX?

1 - Tangled
4 - Inception

9. The substitute

I think 5 is How to lose a guy in 10 days (the boy seems to be lost and the loop runs 10 times)

6 I mean, not 5 sorry

Since nobody has mentioned it before...
6) Source Code

I thought #4 was Transporter, lol.

1. ManHatTan
2. Joan of Arc
3. Open Range
4. Multiplicity (?) - I don't really buy inception
5. The Odd Couple
6. In The Loop
7. Star Wars
8. The Exorcist
9. Transformers
10. Absolute Power
11. The Green Mile

can #6 be sucker punch??

#4 could be [The] Nest?

Number 3 is pointing to the dotted line around R. Could it be Bound?

10 is pi

10 th is Pi

Sixth one is Source Code. Its got to do with the story; the man relives the same event ten times.

Isn't 4 The Third Degree?!

Yes baby! muy bueno!

Why not Memento for the 6th?

How about 6 as Goundhog day.

1 would be Manhattg. Tangent is tg, NOT tan!

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