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The Movie Math Quiz Part 2 - March 21, 2011
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Update August 2011: Take the interactive Math Movie Quiz here.

Spiked Math Comic - The Movie Math Quiz Part 2

Credits to Svein, Carlos, and Thomas for posting ideas that I used in this one.

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1: Snakes on a Plane
5: 8 Mile
9: 13th Floor

6. Matrix Revolutions

2. independence day

3. mean girls
10. sum of all fears

7. ring of dreams?!?
8. alpha and omega?!?

1. Snakes on a Plane
7. Field of Dreams
8. alpha and omega
9. floor 13
10. sum of all fears

3. mean girls

1. Snakes on a Plane
3. Mean Girls
4. Blades of Glory
5. 8 Mile
8. The Sum of all Fears

Alpha and Omega for the forth down on the right.
At first I thought it was A&W root beer.

I think 4 must be Paths of Glory. Kubrick, yo!

Really awesome, enjoyed this one a lot.

Reading row-by-row, left to right:

  1. Snakes on a Plane (2006)
  2. Independence Day (1996) ("Independent Days"!)
  3. The Average Woman (1924)? Mean Girls (2004)?
  4. Paths of Glory (1957)
  5. 8 Mile (2002)
  6. Rotation (1949)?
  7. Field of Dreams (1989)
  8. Alpha and Omega (2010)?
  9. Floor 13 = The Thirteenth Floor (1999) (multiple movies with this name)
  10. The Sum of All Fears (2002)

How many did I get right?

Oh, for 6 (the rotation matrix) I just thought of: Twister (1996). :p


Yep, those are what I got, apart from 6 (Matrix Revolutions). Also, I only got Mean Girls for 3, and I failed to get 7 because I misread it and thought it was a ring.

@svat if 6 is right (which i think it is since i was also going to post that then yeah 10/10 :p) damnyou were a bit faster in noticing that :D

#6 - Tranformers

I took #6 as the determinant. Hence you get One. I believe Jet Li had a movie called One

I'm still somewhat surprised by the seventh movie, since the described algebraic structure doesn't sound familiar. If indeed a field is intended, why isn't the word `abelian' (or commutative, for that matter) mentioned, neither for addition, nor for multiplication?

Some sources (a small minority, granted) actually don't require the multiplication of a field to be commutative. IIRC André Weil's Basic Number Theory doesn't.

7th is inception

a)Snakes on a Plane (06)
b)Independence Day (96)
c)Mr. Average (06)
d)Paths of Glory (57)
e)8 Mile (02)
f)Rotation (49)
g)Field of Dreams (89)
h)Alpha and Omega (10)
i)The Thirteenth Floor (99)
j)The Sum of All Fears (02)

With IMDB at service it becomes quite easy. :P

i would like to say these guess the movie comics are just great! makes us think a little bit and remember those old days when we learnt this crap in uni :)

Because set of dreams is obviously finite (i take it that every dream can be expressed in at most 10 sentences containing at most 10 words having at most 10 letters, hence finite sequence of elements of finite set :P) Then by Wedderburn's little theorem commutativity is implyed.

Unless you can only use 10 letters, and nothing else, it's still infinite. Countable, but infinite.

If you only have ten letters, and you can mix them the way you say, I think the world has gone wrong (few little dreams!).

I still think it is finite. If we assume 27 letters, that is 26 in the alphabet, plus 1 blank for words of less than 10 letters, and sentences with less than 10 words, I count less than 27^10^10^10 possibilities. Of course most of these make no sense, but dreams don't either. Either way it is still finite.

Words and numbers are representations. If a painter has only 10 colours, does it mean that the reality is not infinite?

I take #4 to be Glory Road or Blades of Glory.

#6 could be matrix revolutions, the ring, twister

#3 is clearly mean girls. If the movie title was equivalent to (==) I'd say the average woman.

Alpha and omega bothers me. It appears far out of line with the rest of the set. Was it any good?

1. Snakes on a Plane
4. Blades of Glory
5. 8 Mile
10. Sum of all fears?
8. The Sum of all Fears

6) The One

2) independence day

6. Matrix Revolution

I got:
1. Snakes on a plane
2. Independence day
3. Mean Girls
4. Blades of glory
5. 8 Mile
6. Matrix Revolutions
7. Field of dreams
8. Alpha & Omega
9. 13th Floor
10. Sum of all fears

1. Snakes on a plane
2. Independence day
3. Mean Girls
4. Blades of glory
5. 8 Mile
6. Matrix Revolutions
7. Inception
8. Alpha & Omega
9. 13th Floor
10. Sum of all fears

This quiz is too easy... It proved the sequel law -- No sequels are as good as their prequels. [saw, matrix, godfather, die hard, cube, ...]

I believe #6 is "The One",

Since the matrix translates to cos square + sin square, which is 1.

1. Snakes on a plane (lol…cute snakes) ^_^
2. Independence Day (independent sigma algebra + day)
3. Mean Girls (arithmetic mean)
4. Paths of Glory
5. 8 Mile (1 mile = 1.6 kilometers)
6. The Matrix Revolutions
7. Field of Dreams
8. Alpha & Omega
9. 13th Floor
10. Sum of all fears

Wow, my math is off. I meant 27^1000 possibilities.

What about 3.17514 kg ?

Thankfully the Pi day was a week ago, so we hopefully won't be seeing `American Pie'.

Where can we leave comments for the comic after this one?

How come nobody got (6).. Its not matrix revolutions.. Its "Transformers"

I prpose little women for number three.

I think 6 is identity. (the identity rule cos2 + sin2 = 1)

Field of Dreams doesn't make sense, since D is the entire set of real numbers. So the dream is real => Inception.

Where does it say D is the entire set of real numbers? It looks to me like it says D is the entire set of dreams (with those operations defined, so that it's a field.) Or is D another name for R that I'm not aware of?

Oh, and 6: 90 degrees south

D has addition and multiplication. Multiplication is distributive under addition. It is a group under addition (take 0 as identity under addition, -a as the inverse of a and associativity). If you take the identity under addition from the set (namely 0) you get a set which is a set under multiplication (take 1 as identity, 1/a as inverse of a and say the group is associative over multiplication).
So we have:
Addition (+)
Multiplication (x)
Multiplication distributive over addition: a x (b+c) = (a x b)+(a x c)
0 as identity under addition: a + 0 = a
-a as inverse of a under addition: a + (-a) = 0
associativity under addition: (a+b)+c = a+(b+c)
Remove 0
New set has 1 as identity under multiplication: 1 x a = a
1/a is inverse of a over multiplication: 1/a x a = 1
The set is associative over multiplication: (a x b) x c = a x (b x c)
This describes the set of real numbers (note that if you include 0 that it isn't under multiplication since 0 doesn't have an inverse under multiplication)
So d is in the set of real numbers, d is a dream, hence the dream is real

Excuse for the awful sentences and mixing up terms 'under' and 'over', I haven't learned group theory in English.

Also, why am I responding to this before I learn what a 'field' is, just ignore me.

Is the definition of the algebraic structure in panel 7 strong enough for "field"? Even if there is indeed a movie "Field of dreams", the definition is only sufficient for ring, which is not always a field.

Group assumes invertibility. My bad.

for the 7th, the definition ought to include commutative, to avoid division rings.

I thought that 7 was "inception"

3. Single White Female

7 doesn't even define a ring. It's additive group isn't abelian. At best it defines a near-ring.

1. Snakes on a Plane.
2. Independence day.
3. Single White Female.
4. Blades of Glory.
5. 8 Miles.
6. Transformers.
7. Field of Dreams.
8. Alpha and Omega.
9. 13th floor.
10. Sum of all fears (I think)

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