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The Movie Math Quiz - March 18, 2011
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Update August 2011: Take the interactive Math Movie Quiz here.

Spiked Math Comic - The Movie Math Quiz

The above comic is motivated by Ravi's "10 great movies in pictograms" post, but has more of a math flavor :D.

Movie Math Quiz Part 2

Movie Math Quiz Part 3

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First one is "The Matrix", the one with the buildings is "Sin City" and the last one is "Beauty and The Beast". Ok, I can only guess the easy ones. But I'm not a native speaker, so I don't know many movie titles in English... =/

Second line: "Fireball" and "Duck Soup"?

Close. The Mighty Ducks. I admit, it's a stretch.

LOL, good one. =D

lol I thought it was Bugs Bunny ("sup' doc?").

The Beauty and the Beast?
What about Me (Euler's identity) and the Devil?

Root (sum is to zero) of all evil (666)

I don't believe it's The Beauty and The Beast. What about "Me and the Devil"?

The first, the easier: Matrix
For the others my english isn't too good to mix Math and Movies..

The Fourth: Superior Duck???

mighty ducks!

6th one is the social network.

I would never have guessed that one! =D

The one before the last... Is it "Just Imagine"? This game of guessing is so addictive!

I think it's The Complex. Not sure why the "i" is yellow.

the Golden Eye?

Fifth is Iron Cross. :) No one said it would involve chemistry :/

Euler's Identity and the devil? :P

Second one could be "Signs"...

The second one must be Signs.

It seems a couple of them have more than one answer that fits the clue. I tried to make sure that most of the movies I used had at least 10,000 ratings on imdb.com (as a popularity type of indicator to prevent any bizarre movies that no one has heard of).

2nd one is Signs
5th Cross of Iron
8th is The Wave

Eighth = "Heat" (heat equation.... I think! I do discrete math :P)

Ninth one is Imagination

What about the Illusionist?

The second one is signs.
The last one is beauty and the beast. That's clever.

Very clever indeed!

And such a good choice of mathematical beauty! =D

Im preety positive that the second is "signs"

Number 2: Signs? (maybe)
Number 5: Iron Cross

At the fourth one, I was thinking Bugs Bunny: "'sup Doc!", even though it's not a movie title.

Didn't Barbara Striesand make a movie, years ago, named "What's Up, Doc?"

It appears you are right. Probably not the intended answer though.

I went to school with a family of Schudy's in Kansas City - it's an unusual name, perhaps you are related...

Great balls of fire! (1,2)

1 Matrix
2 Gallery of Sin 4
4 Super Ducktales
5 Ironcross
6 A Single Man
7 Sin City
10 Beauty and Beast

Isn't that Gallery of sin 4 a porn?

matrix,sighns(oringal sin),heat,duck soup,,ironman2,a singal man,the sin city,?,
the circle,angels and demons(beauty&beast)

The ninth one is GoldenEye.

BLIND my doggy eyes!!!

3. Ball of fire is one possibility

I like "A Man Apart" for number 6

3 "Quest for Fire" I think

Matrix, Signs, Great Balls of Fire, Mighty Ducks, Iron Cross or Star Crossed or Star Crossed Lovers (star is a bit of a stretch, but some stars have an iron core), A Man Apart, Sin City, Heat or Field of Dreams, Golden Eye, Beauty and the Beast.

Actually I think number 3 might be "Reign of Fire" - good movie.

iron man 2 - 5th one

Motivated by my blog post! Great!
And a very clever idea indeed...
Btw, I could guess only matrix, ironman-2, angels&demons and social network :)

could 9. be Fool's gold? (derived from imaginary/not real gold)

that's the song of "stand by me" but not a film

9. GoldenEye

9th is "It's Complicated"

I'm fairly sure that 5 is "Cross of Iron", rather than "Iron Cross", given Mike's assertion that they generally have ratings of over 10000 on IMDB. My guess for 3 was Fireball, but the only film on IMDB by that title only has 359 votes.

The first and sixth ones are pretty easy, of course. And I reckon other commenters are right with "Signs", "Sin City", "Goldeneye" and "Beauty and the Beast". The Duck one has me puzzled, though. But, then, the only duck-based film to have crept into my consciousness is "Duck Tales".

1: The Matrix (1999)
2: Signs (2002)
3: The Fireball (1950) or Ball of Fire (1941)
4: Duck Soup (1942,2008)
5: Cross of Iron (1977)
6: A Man Apart (2003) or A Man Alone (2010)
7: Sin City (2005) -- keep noticing these aren't from the same city
8: Heat (1995)
9: GoldenEye (1995)
10: Beauty and the Beast (1903, ..., 1962, 1981, 1991)

Nice. For #7, the buildings are all casinos in Vegas.

For #6, I think it is Social Network.

I see the Eiffel Tower, Empire State Building, Petronas Towers, Sears Tower, and Taipei 101....and that's just what I can call off hand. I don't think those are casinos!

8:th could be Equilibrium

The 4th is Black Swan.

This probably dates me, but my thoughts for 5 and 6 were "Cross of Iron" and "Odd Man Out".

I have another one! \sum_{x\in F} x, F = {x : x is a fear}

I feel like 3 is Great Balls of Fire (1989).

first one:matrix; second one:signs; seventh:Conduction law;

Number 10: Beauty and the Beast. Loved the movie, loved the musical, hate Gaston!

its angels and demons ,
Einstein said god exists because of the first equation
666 is devil so Angels and Demons

So, when you going to post or confirm answers?

Here you are another movie: f(f(f(x)))


I mostly agree with answers above, but:
3 IMHO is "Hood of Horror", i don't know this film, but imdb says that it fixes best;
6 is "Social network" with no doubt.
1,2,5,7 is obvious as you said.
4 I vote for "Duck soup" (my first idea was "Mighty ducks", but yours is better, I think).
8 I have no idea. Maybe "Harry Potter and Unclear Differntial"
9 I vote again for your idea - "GoldenEye", I thought about "Imaginarium", but it's to obvious.
10 "Beauty and beast" fix well, but I will not give 100%.

Another one: -2sin(37pi/10)

I think 3 might be the bourne supremacy

3. bourne identity !

YOUR CURRENT remarkable area so so there better half!

Let's thanks each assisting person with average skills.

10. could be 'Angels and Demons' in my opinion.

#9 A Beautiful Mind

I think #6 is a Solitary Man

I like Top Flight for the fourth one

here's another movie: 12.8748km

8Miles???? Ohhhh.....8 Mile! Nice!

C/(2*10^4 leagues)

i think Fe x Fe is Heavy Metal!

Superior Duck

#3: under fire?

2nd: definitely Breaking the Waves, 3rd: Ring of Fire?, last one: I vote for Beauty and the Beast

1 1 The Matrix 1 2 Signs
2 1 Ball of Fire 2 2 Mighty Ducks
3 1 Iron x Iron* 3 2 Isolated
4 1 Sin City 4 2 Heat (that's the heat equation)
5 1 Unreal 5 2 Beauty and the Beast (who doesn't find identities beautiful)
*Your guess is as good as mine although it can't be worse than iron man seriously ...

3 is Great Balls of Fire
4 is Mighty Ducks (thats all i got for supremum of duck).
I think 8 is Heat.

a) Matrix 99
b) The Wave 08
c) Ball of Fire 41
d) Duck Soup 33
e) Cross of Iron 77
f) Disconnect 10
g) Sin City 05
h) Heat 95 ??
i) Complex Numbers 06 ??
j) Beauty and the Beast 91

‎1.The Matrix (rectangular array of numbers)
2.Signs (Cartesian coordinate system)
3.Great Balls of Fire/ Fire Birds
(really not sure about this one: є:set, B:Birds/balls, Fire)
4.The Mighty Ducks, (Supremum + duck..lol)
5.Iron man 2
6.Social network/ The Soloist
7.Sin City (sinusoid + cities)
8.Heat (heat equation)
9.The Illusionist (complex numbers: real and imaginary) / GoldenEye
10.Beauty and The Beast, (Euler’s Identity/ Mathematical Beauty) / Angels and Demons(666)

#3 Ring of fire

#9 Inception

#5 The Man in the Iron Mask ? (each Fe represent an eye and x is the nose ?)

just secondary guesses:

4. Superior Duck (animated)
5. Ironsides
6. Soul Man

#9 could be "El Dorado" (imaginary gold)

3 Is definitely The Ring of Fire

Correction, the circle of fire!

10.Quo Vadis 666 is Neron

#2 Can't it be Foreseen or something. Why the 4 graphs?

no 3, could it be "Man on Fire"?

n°3: fire walk with me?

4th is black swan or "whats up, doc?" hrhr

The first should be an invertible matrix, i.e. singular matrix and hence would be The Matrix.

The first should be an non-inverting matrix, i.e. singular matrix and hence would be The Matrix.

10. Apocalypse Now

I think it would help if the second one was SINEs instead of cosines.

It *is* sines. Look at the value at x=0.

It is sines!
Duh, the sine wave passes through the origin yet the cosine has a y-intercept of (0,1)
It is like Pau Amma said!

the 6th one is not social networking it is basic Statistics ... the odd one out is considered an outlier... Steven King had a movie by that name.
5 Iron Man 2 (Fe is the element symbol for iron)

3 is Man on Fire (Jean Claude Van dame)
1- revenge of the nerds
7 sin city
9 alibi

8 something religious like Constantine (one with the guy from the matrix in it)or that one where the devil is trying to get the girl and whats his name has to protect her


2 is Frequency not sign imo

sorry, I mean
9: Golden Eye?

7. Eat, Pray, Love....

I wonder why no one guessed The Sign of Four for 2. I mean there is a reason as to why there are 4 of them, right? I think 5 is Iron Man 2 and 6 is Odd Man Out.

for the seventh isn't that the sinus function from trigonometry?

I think #6 is The Lonely Guy with Steve Martin. (If you haven't seen it, it's very, very funny.)

number 6 is the magnolia

1. The Matrix
2. Signs
3. Fireball
4. Duck Soup
5. Iron Cross
6. A man apart (per others' suggestions)
7. Sin City
8. Heat
9. GoldenEye (per others' suggestions)
10. ??? (don't like Beauty and the Beast or Angels and Demons)

Will you ever release the 'intended' answers?

6. The L Word

1. Matrix
2. Sins
3. Agent of fire - james bond
4. Duck Soup
5. Balls of fire
6. Disconnect
7. Sin City
8. Heat
9. The complex / imagination / fool's gold
10. Me and the davit / Angels and demons

‎1.Matrix 5. Iron Man2 6.Single Man 7.Sin City

2nd can be the sign of four!

could fe * fe be iron man 2

Fe x Fe is Iron Cross

Fe X Fe = GridIron

7) Shor in the city
9) Ab tk chhappan
3) agneepath
5) taare zameen par!
2) ghayal
1) hum 2 hamaare 2
8) black

#7 is last TANgo in Paris

7th is Golden Eye :)

sorry 9th is Golden Eye
7th is Sin City

You guys do know there's a movie called "Beauty and the Devil", right?
e^(i*pi) + 1 = 0 is Euler's Identity (aka the mathematical beauty)
666 = devil or satan
Therefore... Beauty and the Devil.

4) is of course... DUCK SOUP!

No.2 is sign of four (sherlock holmes)

1: The Matrix
2: Signs
3: Balls of Fire
4: Duck Soup
5: Iron cross
6: A Man Apart
7: Sin City
8: Heat
9: GoldenEye
10: Beauty and the Beast

3 Burn after Reading?

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