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I hate pi day - March 14, 2011
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Spiked Math Comic - I hate pi day

Do you hate pi day? Just remember... free pie mmm... also, you are rather alone as google turns up <900 search results for "I hate pi day" but 64,000 search results for "I love pi day".

In other news, I've been collecting math games on my site and here is the pi category (although I must admit, these games are rather lame :P).

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Oh no!! This comic adds to the "i hate pi day" search results :(

pi # of students like pi

3 students and a teacher, who is 14.159265...% student?

there's like 21 results for "i hate pi day"

google gives you a wrong number for the results until you go to the last page (read that on xkcd blog)

Right you guys are! I just checked with http://azich.org/google/ (the tool linked from xkcd blog for these types of things) and it gave "i love pi day" = 40 and "i hate pi day" = 882... and I just realized this goes against my argument :(

Results for "I X pi day" (love and hate will be the same, more or less)
X Results
love 43
like 5
hate 886
was born on 11
got married on 1

But they don't seem to line up with actual google results that I get.

Weirdly that tool actually varies depending on whether you put in "I <X> Pi Day" (love:64500,hate:876) or "i <X> pi day" (love:40,hate:880)... serving to indicate that people who love Pi Day tend to use capital letters, lol.

In reality it is some sort of bug and that tool doesn't work very well at all, anyway. Actual results when going to the last page as mentioned previously and including repeated results is (love:80,hate:32).

That's true, and google did give quite fluctuating results... at one time it was over 110,000 results for "i love pi day" and then a few seconds later the same search gave 64, and then 64,000.

Just like JaSK says, also there are only 76 results for "I love pi day"

here I get 8 vs 44.

I found 29 for hate and 74 for love. Your argument stands!

"I love pi day" gets 64600 (this comic being first).
"I hate pi day" gets 977 (this comic also being first).

vihart did a very interesting video on youtube about pi and tao. She made a strong case to use tao instead of pi. You should watch it.


haha, but its kinda lame, since they didnt give our class pie, that was just for the eight graders :(

Got married on pi day? Haha that would be excellent. Now I want to get married on pi day!

We didn't get to eat pie today.
But I did wear my crawfish pi shirt!

I hate pi day. Now e day, that would be something I could get behind, can't wait for February 71st...

Would it be Feb 71st or 72nd? I think it would be rounded...

Of course, then if you write it in the European way like smilewithani below, e day would've just passed on February 27th!

We don't celebrate Pi day in India as we write our date in the DD/MM/YY format. and sad April has only 30 days. :(

you could celebrate e day however

One day after republic day!

my birthday is april 30!

Or pi day on July 22nd, i.e., 22/7

Yeah this is as close as we get to pi day :)

When the robot revolution comes, pi millisecond will be celebrated on: 3/14 1:59:26.536

Do you eat pie on pi day? ha.

It's a math crime not to eat pie on Pi day, I think.

He he he--I just saw a new Snorg T-shirt with an "Octopi" of eight legs...

I got married on Pi Day! At 1:59 and 26 sec in the afternoon! (Local time). This comic was actually posted on my 1 yr anniv. ^_^

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