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Kramers Rule - March 4, 2011
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Spiked Math Comic - Kramers Rule

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I have no idea, how does this work? xD


That's cheating! -1 point.

"Undefined function or variable 'k'."

How do you make it handle variables?

Symbolic math toolbox.

How is it cheating? Your computer calculates tons of trivial binary math all the time. Maths is not about calculation, it's about understanding.

Ew, matlab stinks at neat symbolics. Use mathematica or a good graphing calculator.

Find the inverse of A, then multiply it by K :P

assman? really?

yea i know it was a reference to seinfeld, i just cudnt believe it.

lol yup, and it's exercise 5B referring to apartment 5B where the K Man lives.

Seinfeld joke.

I know Cramer and math... now who on earth's seinfeld??? :P

I'm not sure, but I suppose it's some kind of German vector field orthogonal to coseinfeld.

"Coseinfeld"... That's hilarious...

For some reason, all satirical, humorous or parody references to Seinfeld remind me of the Codco parody, "Saviour" or as I (mis)remember it, "Saviourfeld".

ajajajaj Wolfram Mathematica and "assman" XDD yeah.. I cheated but would took me about 2 pages to solve, and I wanna to solve it NOW :P

Giddy up!

I had an algebra midterm and i solved it to get assman too.

If there was ever any doubt as to the usefulness of math, this comic has laid it to waste.

I dont get this one! :-/

Nice one a**m** :) It is easy to solve start with x1, x4, x6, x3, x5, now you already know what x2 is :) do it anyway!

x = [a s s m a n]T

Funny, I got [k s s m k n].

(Third row, makes x1 = k. And the second and sixth line make x1 = x5.)

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