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Math - Not even once - March 2, 2011
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Let's see if we can get this "meme" going :P

Spiked Math Comic - Math - Not even once

It's motivated by this image recently posted on the math subreddit. There's a few fun comments posted there, such as the following one posted by theExtrapolater:

"Conditionally convergent series can be rearranged to sum to any real number.
                              -Math, not even once. (Riemann rearrangement theorem)"

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It's entirely normal in nature. Each monkey eats one of their bananas.

Just imagine the poor monkeys that saved up an inifite number of bananas each, but still get to eat only one!

not even infinite hunger is quantifiable mathematically :(

If each monkey has an infinite number of bananas then one cannot construct an isomorphism between the number of bananas and the number of monkeys

Well, if you number the monkeys, and if every monkey numbers its bananas, then there are as many bananas as there are fractions. To see this easily, mark the bananas as banana_number / monkey_number. Now we know that the fractions are countable. So your isomorphism exists. QED.

I would have started with one banana per monkey too.
And by the way, in nature each monkey eats one of their bananas; in mathematics you first need the Axiom of Choice ;-)

(ok, if the monkeys are countable many it works anyway)

I dont get this...

making a 2 dimensional picture of the 3 dimensional shadow of a 4 dimensional object isn't normal...but on math it is =D


being perpendicular to the tangent isn't normal, but in math it is=p

I don't get it, is it supposed to be based on the pidgeonhole principle?

It's way more funny the other way around:

Imagine you have an infinity of monkey, each holding one banana.
It's possible to rearrange all the bananas such that each monkey now holds two banana !

That's the end of world hunger ! all we have to do is procreate, a lot!!

Maybe this is what Jesus did with the bread and the fish!

Saw this on 4chan months ago

then you should know what rules 1 and 2 are


I think it's supposed to be "on math" not "in math"...the idea is that math is a drug.

Oooohhhh, now I get it, that 'not even once' confused the hell out of me.

I think that the bananas should be redistributed so that each monkey gets infinitely many bananas.

And after they get through with the bananas, find them some typewriters so they can get busy re-writing the lost plays of Shakespeare.

TWO typewriters for every monkey!

I wonder if Adams' last theorem is related to this: http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/h2g2/classic/A816716

Perhaps the plates end up with two bananas on each.

I don't get what the phrase 'not even once' has to do with it, though.

There's some sort of anti-drug campaign going on somewhere (that I'd never even heard of until this meme came around) that targets meth specifically, and its slogan is "Meth: Not Even Once."

nice one dude...I guess you are dealing with infinity nature here

Maybe i'm a math tard, but isn't each Banana held by two monkeys; thus when you reorganize each monkey gets one banana and each banana is only held by one monkey.

Make an Inception meme!

For the sake of general knowlege. Number the bananas A.B where A is the number of the monkey and B is the number of the banana. this gives the matrix, {{0.0, 0.1, 0.2...},{1.0, 1.1, 1.2...},{...},...} As you can see you get the reals not the rationals. There is no isomorphism between the reals and the rationals.

You do not get all of the reals (in fact what you get is a subset of the rationals) - where is 1/3=0.33333333333333333333.... ?

No it's not. If the monkeys are infinite, you'd never finish reorganizing.

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