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The Pigeonhole Principle - February 22, 2011
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I wonder if he cheated on her with a pigeon.


You have readed my thoughts...

And the point is: Don't cheat on your significant other, using condoms from the same box.

Or maybe: date the artist, not the mathematician...

Actually, date the mathematician, they are less likely to be able to count.

Very wise response.

Doesn't the pigeonhole principle suggest that on one of those occasions he used two condoms at once? She created another pigeonhole!

Methinks her 'pigeonhole' had more than one 'pigeon'.

It's more like a reverse of the principal. If there are n pidgeon holes and n+1 pidgeons then at least one hole must be empty. It doesn't sit the theme established before it.

Dude, if she has to use the pidgeonhole principle to prove that you're cheating, don't be cheating.

Now Now Mike have you been...? ;P

Note he wisely opted not to use his avatar as the subject in this comic.

Or he had a friend who needed to borrow a condom?

Or one was made into a balloon...

About a year ago I got to go to Cairo to attend a conference. And see the pyramids. All because I gave a talk about yet another application of the pigeonhole principle!

Surely the most logical conclusion using the pigeonhole principle, would be: "One time, you put two condoms on"

You should see the condoms as pigeonholes and the vagina's (xD) as the pigeons. 1 'pigeonhole' was empty, so he is cheating.

One of my favorite applications of the pigeonhole principle:
Pick five points on a sphere. You can cut the sphere in half such that 4 points lie on the same hemisphere.

Choose two points, which define the line of the equator. By the pigeonhole principle, one side of the equator will have at least 2 points on it (excluding the two along the equator.)

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