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Math Geeks Anonymous - February 11, 2011
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I'm pretty sure I've had this exact conversation before...

Same here.

What are the formal definitions of Geek, Nerd, and Dork?

According to that theory, math nerds are a subset of math geeks, which doesn't square with this comic. Of course, I prove myself to belong to it my making that nitpick.

They are not -- they are just both a subset of intelligent and obsessive people. You are not a geek if you are socially inept.

So, where are the dweebs?

You do realize that dork is slang for penis, right?

It still makes sense, he can be 27.9% penis. That's just a whole lot of penis.

I think someone like that would die from oxygen deprivation should they get... excited.

Which again is a sign for an orgasm according to several dutch studies. So, it fits.

Just about everything is slang for penis.

Except for 'penis', which is slang for a North-Eastern-style laundry dance from the 1880s, for some reason.

Oh! I didnt know these definitions :D

To blatantly rip off the Simpsons... it says, "No nerdS allowed".

It's plural so they'll accept one. :)

I'm a maths nerd and a computer (specifically software) geek.

According to the Venn diagram linked by bmonk I would have to describe myself as a math nerd, DOS-programming geek, a dork when it comes to women, and a dweeb when it comes to cars.... Actually feeling good about most of that!

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