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Marriage and the Fibonaughty Sexquence - February 10, 2011
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Spiked Math Comic - Marriage and the Fibonaughty Sexquence

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I must admit I never thought of this particular application. Great one, though.

Still, I wonder how many successful marriages go for 7 years without sex after only 11 years married?
On the other hand, the sequence continues without end, so somewhere between the 22nd and 24th number, they will have to give up.

Well that's a bummer, I had my hopes higher than that

"Now wait a second Peg, the kids are here. If you want to have sex, they'll have to leave. And if you want it to be good, you'll have to leave."

Well, at least they'll have sex an infinite number of times!

in their infinite lives.

now, just write up a program that displays sex on a fib number and after a break of greater than 7 fib numbers, there must be a dry-spell print...perhaps an assignment for my C Programming class.

Ironically, Fibonacci originally used this to model rabbit reproduction... here it seems to have the reverse effect.

You beat me to it.

That's terrible :(

I mean the fact that I should wait for like years for next one
not the comic :)

7 years? Sounds like Pon farr...

Wow! What an idea :P :d

This is the best one so far.

What exactly is he looking at? His eyeline is very suspect.

Too bad 69 is not there in the sequence!

I tried thinking of a joke using the Fibonacci recurrence and starting values F0=1 and F1=8 so that 69 is part of the sequence, but I couldn't think of a decent punchline that fits :P

"Fibonaughty" was simply brilliant.

That sequence has them having sex during her pregnancy D:

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