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Cooper Bowl Sunday - February 6, 2011
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Hehe, Green team :D

Normal pdf!!! yay stats.

How sad, the normal team stands no chance.

Even if you integrate to sum up the red team's points, you'll see that all their answers are an error function.

I love "The big bang theory" and I also love this one!

For whatever reason, I read the title as "Copper Bowl", and I was wondering what this had to do with a copper bowl. And, oddly, I didn't imbibe any alcoholic beverages yesterday. Maybe I should have.

Number 47 must be saying KMN.

Bazinga in place of Buzz would have made it awesomer!

I have a hypothesis; 47 is Kurt.

I understand what's Green's about the Greens' label. I'm less clear about what is Red about the Reds' label.

cuz its the error function

Silly 47, how'd you end up in a math trivia contest anyway?

hhe, peeps, i just went down into a mathcounts competition, im going second phase yoo hoo!
sorry this comic just reminded me of the countdown round lol

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