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Who else LOVES physics?!! - February 1, 2011
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Spiked Math Comic - I love physics

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I don't get it... *scratches head*

I didn't get it at first, and then I saw this comment.

That's supposed to be a reply to Alex

haha, that's great. Do you have a pin that you wear that has that on it?

Please explain.

The derivative of acceleration (with respect to time) is often called 'jerk'. I didn't see it in textbooks, when I was an undergrad. But lately I've read/heard physiscists use it with an increasing frequency, so it may already be standard parlance. The name is quite descriptive in the sense that when you jerk something around, you apply a time-dependent force to it causing its motion (by Newton's laws) to have time-dependent acceleration.

that's punny!

This joke doesn't work so well in British.

'Jolt' isn't nearly as funny.

Still a good comic, though!

The full joke is circlejerk I would believe not just the jerk bit.

My high school AP Physics teacher mentioned this exactly once when he mentioned the change in distance was velocity and the change in velocity was acceleration and the change in acceleration would a jerk. Everyone chuckled at that word "jerk", but then we never did any calculations beyond acceleration.

and here I thought this was going to be political commentary on the late un-lamented DADT law. Or maybe it is one after all, as in "DADT supporters are homophobic jerks"...

I am about to give a talk on fictitious forces and whatnot, needing to do a bit of differentiation of _any_ vector...



Lol! that was amazing..!
I got it only after reading the comments

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