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How would you respond? - January 30, 2011
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Spiked Math Comic - How would you respond?

It's like an insult (bad mathematician) combined with a compliment (normal), although, a lot of mathematicians I know would also be insulted if they were called "normal".

P.S. New Brown Sharpie comics!!

And an (x, why?) comic just for me!

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Is she trying to say he only has a length of one?

is she implying she wants him to be normal [90º angle] to her?... worst math pick up line ever.

I wish I was a derivative so I could lie at a tangent to your curves.

now that one is just a classic :P

Is this why math-oriented types should, in general, stick to their own group to hook up?

but then we'd all have to be gay (except perhaps for a finite number).

There's always Angela, just down one comment...

And the author of Brown Sharpie. That's two.

sadly, Sharpie's married. And the gender ratio in math is about 6 to 1 (and that's undergrads, it gets worse at higher levels), so you can see the problem.

To paraphrase xkcd, the 'normal' approach is useless here.

(I usually find a more tangential approach works better anyway, at least when it comes to pick-up line segments.)

Thanks, as always for the laughs. Pick up lines are a never ending source of fun, unlike pick up line segments.

Triangle people!!! WOW!!! THATS FUnny

Triangle people Wow!!! THATS FUNNY

They are all this way Wow!!! You're new here...

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