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Introducing SM Quick View - January 28, 2011
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Hi Spiked Mathers,

I'm testing out a new Quick View feature for Spiked Math Comics.

Basically, all the bells and whistles are stripped off and all you get is the comics with keyboard navigation courtesy of this reddit comment.

Any feedback for improvements are appreciated!

Edit (Jan 29th, 2011): Thanks all for the great suggestions. I tried to accommodate them all and if there are any other suggestions or bugs, please let me know :-). Currently, you can do the quick view with a white background, black background or grey blackground. Cheers all.

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Works for me. Maybe consider preloading the adjacent comics so if we are on a slow internet and we are admiring your comic, the next (previous) comic is loading in the background?

Sure thing, I'll dig up some preloading code.

The strips could be centered and there is nothing that burns my retinas faster than a white background. Just being constructive, of course. =]

Hmm.. perhaps I can code it so you can choose your own background color, or have a few different options.

How about adding 'j' and 'k' for prev and next. I am too lazy to move my hand to the arrow keys.

I suggest adding 'a' and 'd' for prev and next as it's comfortable to use left hand for these.

What if I did all of them: "j,k,a,d,arrows" for prev/next. Or I can do some coding so that you can customize which keys work best.

I think multiple would be better so we can just do whatever we want.

By the way, in VIM (which is probably what a lot of nerdy people is doing), j and k maps to down and up, respectively, whereas h and l maps to left and right, respectively. So I would suggest using h+l to be semi-standard (or at least in addition to j+k). a+d is also a semi-standard as a left-handed arrowset in games and such.

Also, now that I think about it, maybe move the nav bar to below the comic, so if we are using a small screen, say on the mobile phone, it would not clutter it up (people only need to read it once to remember, right?) and we can read SpikedMath in class! Okay, not that I would recommend doing that, but perhaps you should let users have that option. :-D

Excellent points. I'll move the nav bar/legend to the bottom. Perhaps I'll make an alterate version for mobile devices.

No, this sucks. The other way is better.

Haha, fair enough. The quick way is meant to be faster and more convenient.

Now all you need to do is figure out some way to turn this into a game.

there should be a "first" and "last" key. Unless it's there and I missed it, in which case, this is pretty awesome.

What about first and last links instead of binding it to a key, as they would probably only get clicked once or twice by a user.

that's a cool look! but, please, keep the original one also... in my opinion it's better to have both styles: one for the "traditional" spiked math and one for a "quick" access

The original will stay the same with all the comments attached, ads to support the site, links to related sites, etc. The quick way is just meant to be more convenient if someone is wanting to go through a bunch of comics at one sitting.

phew! I use your layout as fast acces to SMBC & x, y?, would destroy my time-wasting-klicktrough-algorithm if they were missing :-D

No Konami code easter egg? :)

I've been meaning to add one of those!

Worked for me--but I don't really need to worry about slow loading in most cases.

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