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Sitcom - January 26, 2011
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Spiked Math Comic - Sitcom

*cough big bang theory cough*

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I would watch it XD

But of course math on TV doesn't exist

Not a single mathematician in Big Bang...

3 physicists 1 mathematician and one hot waitress :P

Actually, it's three physicists, and an engineer. It would be insulting a mathematician if you confuse him with an engineer. (Yes, I'm a physicist, and see engineers as the Oompa-loompas of science)

i dont think any engineer wants to be considered a scientist... in fact, the goal of engineering has very little to do with the goal of science...
engineering- get things done
science- understand the natural world
intersection, not so large.

I would say that's not correct. I'm an engineer and I see eye to eye with science, but I also think that some of the things that physicists want to do like say find the Higgs Boson requires some sophisticated engineering. Or to study certain phenomenon someone needs to design the tools to be able to measure these kinds of things.

did I FREAKING say mathematician? I swear I was thinking engineer ahahah

Exaggeration is an important part of pretty much every sitcom. Makes the guys it is supposed to ridicule (in case of BBT, me) feel a little more normal and they can still laugh at it ;)

In TBBT they started with showing some cool stuff like non-newtonian fluids, video games, comics, robots and even the aharonov-bohm effect, while giving a rigourous/unbending touch to Sheldon.

But in the end, it's just about 2 couple-like dudes, an irrational psycho-rigid sheldon, and the trying-to-be-normal Leonard with his bimbo. And nothing sciency anymore ... dissapointing

Another series is Numb3rs ... which makes math look like a magic tool that solves everything. Worst of all, the guy adapts and creates theories and models at will & ultra-fast to adapt to FBI needs... as an engineer, this makes me laugh but not in a good way.

Just dissapointing how hollywood copes with science ... science-fiction is way better fortunately.

never seen numb3rs. [actually just once, but I didn't like it as much.]

TBBT was cool, until 'bazzinga' and other sheldon terms became really popular, then the series became what the average public wanted and therefore not sciency anymore, I believe.

I totaly agree! The first couple seasons where ok. Lot's of science jokes and nerd's stuff. Nevertheless everyone there was a "normal person", they might have tastes that are not that mainstream, but they act and behave like everyone.

Lately, Sheldon is a psycho who SERIOUSLY should look for psychiatric help. Raj is in that stupid stuff about he being kind of gay. Howard and Leonard are ok, but not so great...

CSI is not quite as bad as Numb3rs but still painful to watch.

Having said that, Hollywood probably doesn't treat math and science any more unrealistically than most everything else.

Not sure I agree that science fiction is better, at least not Hollywood sci-fi. Hollywood sci-fi often ignores science at best and resorts to technobabble at worst. Perhaps it's easier to overlook bad science in sci-fi because sci-fi is intentionally and obviously less realistic to begin with. Perhaps the unrealistic application of science in crime dramas evoke an "uncanny valley" of revulsion that does not happen with sci-fi...?

Unfortunately, CSI and similar series have had a fallout for criminal trials, to the point that, for example, if the prosecution doesn't use DNA analysis--and never mind if it's relevant, or even possible--juries have discounted the case they tried to make.

It wouldn't surprise me.

But I guess that's what we get for being a society that cares more about TV than school.


... Or learning in general, in or out of school.

Trying out a new ad system, let me know if it's too intrusive.

nope, adblock seems to be handling it just fine ^^

Nice wood-like texture on the TV stand in the last panel.

God yes, that show is ridiculous and offensive (it's the nerd equivalent of a show about Jews where all the jokes revolve around them having big noses and loving money). Also, the characters all act like idiots despite being supposed to be smart. lots of smart people are weird, but not in a stupid way. it's the difference between being too stupid to understand the rules and being to smart to care.

It's true that many smart people are weird, just as many are normal. And that many of the weird ones are not weird "in a stupid way."

As I am a bit weird, though of normal or average intelligence, I got along well with some other weird people and one of the most intelligent people I met, if not *the* most intelligent, was a smart person who was weird "in a stupid way."

They exist. And they can be their own worst enemy.

I don't recall George Frankly, Kate Monday or Pat Tuesday wearing capes or talking to their mailboxes and they solved mysteries all the time.

Numb3rs was actually a major improvement for the treatment of math/science by hollywood. As mentioned, the time scale was badly warped to keep the plots in line, but at least they used real mathematics, instead of just using technobabble like hollywood normally does.

If you want sf that treats science & math with the respect it deserves, try reading stuff written by actual scientists - say Robert Forward. Alternatively, read through the wikipedia article on hard science fiction (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hard_science_fiction) for a reading list.

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