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Magic the Gathering - January 23, 2011
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Spiked Math Comic - Magic the Gathering

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Notes: May only be used with generations which allow The Axiom of Choice.

So, when is "Math: the Gathering" coming out?

It's a fractal!

Good, do more magic cards!

Aw, Mermel -- beat me to it. "The Axiom of Choice must be present in either deck, and not be in a graveyard."

Ha! I change my alignment to constructivism. Now your card is no longer effective!

Neat fact: "Magic: The Gathering" was created by mathematics professor Richard Garfield.

Sad to see the bottom note 1/1 :( . We the mathemagicians need more magic cards :)

I don't understand... 1/1 doesn't mean it's the only one there is, it just denotes the size of the creature.

The replicate cost should be 0 since you can make any number of copies in one operation.

Why do we need such marks when we only have 1 card?

The ability should be WATER, sacrifice banach-tarski theorem; put two copies of banach-tarski theorem into play.

That card's totally broken and exploitable!


There is a card that gives blue mana for each creature that is put into play. Which would create an infinite loop, so the card would be banned from tournaments.

There's one similar to this, one of my favorites:

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