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Guest Comic (Peebles Lab) - January 16, 2011
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Congrats to Andrew and David of Peebles Lab for celebrating their 100th comic!! Today's comic was created by them as a means of paying tribute to some of their favourite comics. Enjoy.

Spiked Math Comic - Guest Comic - Peebles lab

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You know, it's not even 1/2 n^2... you forgot + c.

wrt what variable? dn.

no, that wouldn't be right, cuz its a factorial!

Oh! That's the punchline.

What the factorial!

That yellow kid looks so sad :(

Integrals assume we're in a continuous domain. This isn't right. I'm about to implode! :P

My thoughts exactly... My mind went all crappy for a second

Do you think he means the Gamma function? But you don't need a continuous function to integrate--just one that isn't too badly behaved. You can integrate, say, the greatest integer function, even though it's discontinuous at every integer.

You can easily write any sum as an Integral, using lebesgue integration and the counting measure. Then you can have fun with fatou etc.

Greatest integer function is not discontinuous on the DOMAIN.

Actually, any function can be Riemann integrable if and only if the set of discontinuities is of measure zero. Continuity implies integrable, but not the other way.

congrats peebles lab :) congrats Andy and Dave!

This is one joke that definitely works better in print than in speech.

^I wish I could facebook-like comments on here... :B

^I wish I could facebook-like comments on here... :B

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