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Ow Man - January 13, 2011
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Spiked Math Comic - Ow Man

** Mike is Away **

Next update will be most likely be Monday'ish.

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I typically do this when someone mentions the word 'over' or 'into'... take the words before and after and try to form something else...

what does 1/("wo") mean anyway?

that's that weird undocumentable sound that pornstars make

oooooooh, maybe that's why i didn't get it... I've never had a pornstar under me :(

Would that be "OM"? Does that mean when the man is on top it's like meditating? Or is it "MO"? As in, MO money MO problems?

1/(ow) = (ow)-1, or the inverse ow. I would propose that the inverse ow is pleasure.

Maybe 1/(ow) is Wo! (pronounced "Woah!")

your ad's just tried to "popup window" on me ... I'm gonna have to adblock your site, after whitelisting it.

Hmm, they're not supposed to do that. Do you remember which one it was?

I couldn't get it
Am I too innocent or something..?

in the expression: woman/man, man is on both sides so it cancels out leaving just wo, and since multiplication is commutative wo can be rewritten as ow

Algebra.. is there anything it can't do?

There is a small but crucial comma missing in the speech bubble...!

crucial comma indeed O_O
I never would have realized... thanks for pointing it out. definitely made me laugh :P

Two commas: before and after "class"

Not necessarily. It could be that "this class" is the reason why a man should be...

it is like telling sine(x)/cosine(x)= 1/co LOL!

"Next update will be most likely be Monday'ish."
Why 2 "be"s?

Because typos always hide until the "Submit" button is clicked.

What if you start dealing with super-complex numbers and quaternions? Then multiplication stops being necessarily commutative; it's possible to use super-complex, non-zero numbers so that WO=-OW.

sin(x)/n = 6 as the n cancles out.

therefore Man/Man ǂ Ow?

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