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Why you deriving yourself - January 7, 2011
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Spiked Math Comic - Why you deriving yourself

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lol! nice...

As a Computer Programmer, I enjoy these comics when the mathematical sophistication ends at elementary calculus.

I laughed.
my mom asked what I was laughing at.
I showed it to her and explained.
She just left :\

I loved the comic though :D

She was a number and the comic derived her

I'm disappointed. As a math comic, I would expect "0" to be very different from "nothing".

beat me by 2 minutes!

Maybe their existence is based on the fact that for any value of x the function can evaluate to something non-zero.

Because I know I'm gonna get a response to that, I'll preemptively rephrase it to "for at least one value of x".

It makes sense that 0 disappears if we consider the graphs of the functions instead.

I mean, the graph of the zero function would overlap with the x-axis, rendering it "non-existent".

If you consider the fact that Set Theory defines 0 as the empty set, I don't really see why

This derivative guy must feel lonely... Somebody must introduce him to e^x.

My thought too! Where's e^x when you need him?

Good one, if he hangs with e^x he'll never be lonely since e^x is its own derivative.

Shouldn't the function still exist but be 0 instead?

i feel a yo dawg coming on...

That was my immediate thought.

confused ... if he is bullying, why is he sad at the end? are bullies just sad people?

Well, what did d/dx expect if he keeps on flattening him? Oh, he's an operator all right.

He is Deriving the function mad!

Not to be pedantic or anything, but the verb used to describe the action of taking a derivative is "to differentiate", not "to derive".

From smbc or the other way round?

I read that SMBC in the morning and totally forgot about it, so I guess it would be subconsciously from SMBC :P

This is why integration is much better, it brings people closer and adds a constant to it :)

one year of comics, 365 days :) well done!

He should be introduced to sin(x) or cos(x). e^x would be boring.

You have a point. (A singularity point, of course, can make differentiation difficult.)

Every good relationship has its difficult parts


You shouldn't derive yourself when under the influence of a polynomial

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